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 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Duncan
After 13 years and 100,000 plus miles, the Mercedes is going - to be replaced by a.....
Toyota Corolla 1.8 Icon Tech Touring Sport.

It isn't my fault really, I blame Lady Duncan, she said "why not", so I did. Delivery toward the end of the month, with the MB going in as part exchange - unless someone wants to buy it? It's just nicely run in.

I hummed and harred(?) over its replacement for a long time. Watched lots of CarWow road tests - isn't that man irritating! Finally plumped for the Icon Tech, it ticked just about all of the boxes, it's a hybrid, I liked the idea that you can drive at low speeds in silence using the battery. It's an estate, so will take my bikes.

Toyota are offering 0% finance with a £1,000 contribution if you take the finance, what's not to like?

 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Zero
Bit of a cheek putting the "sport" Monica on it tho. I do them under the trades description act.
 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Duncan
>> Bit of a cheek putting the "sport" Monica on it tho. I do them under
>> the trades description act.

I am a little surprised. That is a very gentle response from you. Are you not feeling too well?
 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Dog
>>That is a very gentle response from you. Are you not feeling too well?

He's probably forgotten to take his meds this morning.
 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Bill Payer
Interesting - I too have a 100K mile Mercedes Avantgarde, a late 2004 C270CDI Estate, which I've owned since it was 5mths old. Needs MOT later this month and I'm dreading it, as the car is all but worthless now. I'd been wondering what to replace it with.

The "£1000 discount if you take our 0% finance" is something we had from Honda a few years ago - slaesman told me Honda wanted all its customers on PCP and was prepared to incentivise (bribe?) them. Sure enough we got a lot of pressure to move to a new PCP as the old one was running out. I believe Toyota pioneered PCPs.
 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - sooty123
I thought it was supposed to the same price if you paid cash, finance, PCP, loan etc?
 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Runfer D'Hills
I guess ULEZ might have been a factor in the decision Duncan? Hope you enjoy your new car.

Please tell us it isn't beige though, there seems to be an insidiously beige direction of travel here.

It'll be elastic waisted trousers combined with horizontal striped polo shirts in pastel colours and Velcro fastening shoes next, God help us.

 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Duncan
ULEZ played absolutely no part in any decision. I cannot rember the last time I drove round the North/South Circular Roads - is that where it starts? The ULEZ website said that the MB was ULEZ compliant, but I couldn't understand why.

Beige it isn't.
 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Duncan
Missed the edit by a fagpaper. Why do we have a 5 minute limit?

ULEZ maps
 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - No FM2R
>>Why do we have a 5 minute limit?

Because when we set the place up originally we knew that people wanted to be able to edit their posts, but we were concerned that someone could go back and materially change the content of their post at a later date.

So the restrictions were not after n minutes and not after it was replied to.

In truth it was overkill and an unnecessary worry, but we didn't know that at the time but nobody is going to put any effort into fixing it now.
 Goodbye Avantgarde - Hello Icon Tech - Bobby
I previously done a thread on here about my friend and her choice of company car - long story short I recommended the Corolla from her list as I thought it was well equipped and very modern looking - but she decided to order a Prius!

God only knows why, I gave up in trying to understand her logic!
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