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 DVLA Records - zippy
My first car, registered in 1974 and written off in 1985 (T boned by a drunk driver) is still listed on the DVLA website. I think it was repaired by someone because it's last v5c was issued in 1989 and the last tax expired in 1990.

Other more recent cars are not even listed on the DVLA site even a 3 year old model handed back in February 2020 is not listed.

I am guessing that the number plate was changed or the car was exported. Any other reasons?
 DVLA Records - smokie
Written off?
 DVLA Records - Kevin
Still being dusted for forensics?
 DVLA Records - Robin O'Reliant
My Honda CB175 registered in 1973 is still on there, Mrs O'R's 51 reg Corsa which we got rid of a few years ago isn't.
 DVLA Records - zippy
>> Still being dusted for forensics?

 DVLA Records - Falkirk Bairn
My 1973 Austin, bought new, is still there - last V5 was 1983 - probably tin worm like all cars then.

In the mid 80s there was no requirement to tell anyone that the car was off the road, scrapped hence when the records were loaded on the then IBM mainframe in the mid 80s the record has stayed there. It was said at that time that this was the first Central Government computer that was not an ICL.
 DVLA Records - Fullchat
Someone has stuck a private plate on it??
 DVLA Records - Bromptonaut
>> Someone has stuck a private plate on it??

Our Berlingo has a personal plate that originally belonged to Mrs B's Mother. Its 'native' KY63 number is not found a DVLA.
 DVLA Records - zippy
I guess the 2007 A4 3.2 cabriolet was either personal plates or written off, the last MOT a couple of years after I sold it showed a fail on two front tires (bald).

The 2009 BMW 3 series, was in good nick so I guess personal plates, though could be gone now

The Vectra (2004) with 103k miles passed its last MOT but is not taxed and Mokka (2013) 100k miles (and a mis-fuel) are still going strong.

The Tucson (2017) was immaculate and is gone so I guess private plates.
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 DVLA Records - No FM2R
Strangely sadly, I notice that the first ever new car I had, a company car, didn't make it to 10 yrs old. What a shame. It wasn't a great car in the scheme of things, Cavalier 2.0L, but I loved it and it was such an important car to me - first baby step on a grown up career.

I only know the reg number because there's a picture of me leaning on it, trying and failing to look cool and nonchalant, on the wall behind me.
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