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 Toyota Aygo - Bag wrapped round exhaust - zippy
Miss Z was on a fast NSL road.

A bag flew out from the verge and got caught under her car.

She couldn't stop as it's a dangerous road so travelled home and it's melted around the exhaust.

It's a thick builders bag type material and alarmingly has the words "Warning contains asbestos" stamped on it.

I'm guessing it was dumped by a dodgy builder. All the asbestos removal trucks that I have seen are covered.

So some questions...

What to do with the remains of the bag. Will the council dispose or do I need to get a contractor in.

How do we remove the remains of bag melted around the exhaust? Obs we will have to tell who ever removes it what it contains.

 Toyota Aygo - Bag wrapped round exhaust - Zero
I would suspect its empty, bags with stuff in dont fly out of hedges, let along stick under the car.

Rip it off and stick it in the bin
 Toyota Aygo - Bag wrapped round exhaust - zippy
Tore off what I could. The remainder is too far to reach and melted on the exhaust.

It definitely had bits of dust in it, though that could be from the road.

Is there a chance that hot plastic / brake pipes could cause a fire?

Should it be removed (garage) or just left to melt and stink a bit for a while?
 Toyota Aygo - Bag wrapped round exhaust - Bromptonaut
AIUI asbestos is completely banned in the UK; new builders product can contain asbestos. Therefore it is a waste bag. I'd expect the asbestos warning to be on anything where its presence is a possibility. As suggested contents probably dumped somewhere.

Depending on how much is left I'd let it melt and smoulder off.
 Toyota Aygo - Bag wrapped round exhaust - Lygonos
I guess there is a possibility the plastic could reach flashpoint on the catalytic converter but not on the rest of the pipe where it will slowly sublime over time.
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