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 Over Egging a Claim - Bromptonaut
A lorry driver involved in an accident with a Skoda car grossly inflated his claim including faking being a wheelchair user. £60k in costs and 26 weeks in the slammer for contempt of court:
 Over Egging a Claim - Lygonos
Nice one, m'lud.
 Over Egging a Claim - Falkirk Bairn
If he has never been inside before I am sure his 13 weeks, assuming good behaviour, will be truly memorable.
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 Over Egging a Claim - Fullchat
76 and still pushing a lorry around (figuratively speaking).

Result though with a bit of time in the pokey. One would like to think they were as proactive with similar claims.

 Over Egging a Claim - MD
No messing there then.
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