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 BMW - 2015 bmw 1 series - MD
Four door 120d auto x drive. 101k miles

OK Hit me with it.....................
 BMW - 2015 bmw 1 series - Runfer D'Hills
If the price, condition and history are all good, it might be a very good thing. Bit small inside maybe, but a pleasing thing to drive I believe.
 BMW - 2015 bmw 1 series - legacylad
My next door neighbour has a 320d Estate auto x drive, high mileage. Bought it a few years ago to tow his caravan.
Same engine, transmission & running gear as the 1 series ? More practical space wise.
Want me to ask him his opinion of it after two years ownership ?
 BMW - 2015 bmw 1 series - R.P.
"The BMW 320d 2.0 Diesel N47D20A and the BMW 320d 2.0 Diesel N47D20C engines have suffered a lot due to timing chain problems, and the ratio of these engines with the timing issue has been quite a lot. ... This will cause the chain to snap in half and cause a serious damage to the engine"

Check the engine variant
 BMW - 2015 bmw 1 series - MD
Thanks RP
 BMW - 2015 bmw 1 series - MD
Hi LL. Yes please. A short overview could be helpful. Thank you.
 BMW - 2015 bmw 1 series - maltrap
Mike Brewer recorded a piece on YouTube called something like “ The six cars I would not buy”
The BMW 1 series was one of them.
 BMW - 2015 bmw 1 series - MD
Now you mention it..........................
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