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 Where is Honest John? - Duncan
The Honest John section of the saturday Telegraph has disappeared!

There is a small, not completely dissimilar piece written by a Telegraph journalist, but no sign of Honest John.

Anybody know what has happened?
 Where is Honest John? - Bromptonaut
As I've already said in the other place, although it may be heresy to say so Honest John isn't a real person but a nom de plume; a journalistic confection of Peter's.

I would guess that there was some sort of trademark or copyright. It's also likely that under the terms of sale the use of the brand in future was dealt with.
 Where is Honest John? - Duncan
>> As I've already said in the other place, although it may be heresy to say
>> so Honest John isn't a real person but a nom de plume; a journalistic confection
>> of Peter's.

Yes, but no.

In another place you said:-

"It may be heresy to say this but Honest John is not a real person."

Peter Lorimer used the pseudonym 'Honest John'. So in that sense he is Honest John, and Honest John is a real person. Yes, things have moved on and 'Honest John' is now an internet based advice centre, website and forum etc. It doesn't answer my question - 'where is Honest John?'

His half or third of a page in the Saturday section of the Telegraph is no longer there - without explanation or comment. What's happened? Has he been sacked, or what?
 Where is Honest John? - VxFan
Maybe he's keeping his whereabouts under his hat ;)
 Where is Honest John? - Dave_
This might shed some light

18:18 01/07/2021 @Scrof (Alex Robbins): Time for some work news. From Saturday, I'll be the Telegraph's new motoring question answerer and 'agony uncle'. Big shoes (and hat) to fill - @HJhimself has made the role his own over the last 26 years, and will be a tough act to follow - but I'll do my best.
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 Where is Honest John? - Boxsterboy
The Honest John page was the only reason to read the Saturday Telegraph (for me at least - the rest went in the recycling bin). But it's been a long time since I bought a newspaper other than the i.
 Where is Honest John? - wotspur
As some one who had written to Honest John several times seeking advice, always received a response ,and whilst I didn’t always agree and I ignored his advice on a Apr,ing invoice,( that I defended in my favour) he notified me and others that he had had his contract with The Telegrah terminated
 Where is Honest John? - No FM2R
Peter and I did not, indeed do not, agree on many things. But he's a thoroughly decent bloke with some great opinions who has frequently lead his industry forward. I like him as a person, learned from him as a professional and thoroughly enjoyed drinking a beer with him.

Aside from anything else, none of us would be here if it had not been for him.

Though he's still wrong about right foot braking.
 Where is Honest John? - VxFan
Don't you mean left foot braking?
 Where is Honest John? - Runfer D'Hills
At the risk of...oh well, never for a penny etc eh? ;-)

In autos, I use either foot for braking, just depends what I'm doing, one foot driving for just pottering about, two feet if pressing on, or close maneovering.

I've always assumed that's why the brake pedal in a auto is wider, so you can use either foot.

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 Where is Honest John? - No FM2R
>> Don't you mean left foot braking?

I do. Brain fade.
 Where is Honest John? - Bobby
Did he still always recommend Korean cars over all other types?
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