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 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Fullchat
Daughter has been looking to update her 2011 50K Picanto.

Yes the one I spent almost £500 last year replacing - clutch, suspension arms, all fluids etc
Something to do in lockdown I suppose :(

She's gone for a a high spec model as she wants the toys - a/c, BT conectivity, rear camera and warning buzzers etc.

There is a shortage of good second had small cars and we found it on Cazoo.

Only issue is , and you may have seen them about, its got green trim around the front fogs in the bumper and a green plastic piece on the back bumper. Not my cup of T but not a deal breaker.

Got what I thought was not a bad price for her car, unseen.

It will be 3 years old in Sept but the vehicle details claim it has had a 3 year Cazoo service in April. So it will no doubt require a dealer service at the 3 year point to maintain manufacturers warranty.

Nice shiny tyres on picture but you cannot see the treads. They guarantee a minimum depth of 2.5mm, which in my mind is not far off replacement. Rears will be OK but fronts could be close. I'm not sure but one of the tyres may not be Hankook as the are the other 3. Again not satisfactory in my mind. Like same tyres on the same axle.

Delivery on Thursday. Tooth comb found. I'll keep you posted

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 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Fullchat
Forgot to mention.

When going through the follow up paperwork after purchase there's a £250 refund for NHS workers as a thank you.

Picture of NHS card to be supplied and card shown to delivery driver. That was a little bonus. Cover the cost of a pair of tyres :)
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Netsur
It will be interesting to hear of your experience during and post delivery.

Looking to buy a similar car for my son when he moves away for work in September and do not have the time to go tyre kicking...
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Zero
I am curious, given your documented not altogether wonderful experiences with the Korean cars, why they warranted another place on the shopping list?
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Fullchat
Excellent question Z.

I am but just the man in the house. Go to for all that is broken.

Daughter wants a Picanto daughter gets a Picanto. If you know where I'm coming from. And as she is actually paying for it who am I to argue?

Its the after sales as opposed to the vehicles that has caused me issues.
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 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Fullchat
First Hiccup.

Spent a few hours today fettling the PX in anticipation of the arranged handover Thursday evening. Daughter emptied all her worldly goods out of it.

When the purchased car was viewed on the website it indicated and displayed a picture of a scratch on the outer rim of the FOS alloy. This was deemed by me as acceptable.

Daughter has just received a text from Cazoo informing her that they will not be able deliver as arranged due to 2 alloys requiring refurbishment and one key requiring a battery.

 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Bromptonaut
>> Daughter has just received a text from Cazoo informing her that they will not be
>> able deliver as arranged due to 2 alloys requiring refurbishment and one key requiring a
>> battery.
>> Hmmmm??

The dealy is frustrating but OTOH they're attending to stuff rather than fannying around with fine print and excuses or leaving you to sort it later
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - MD
Buying unseen!!

What a load of ball aches. One will be paying over the odds by a big margin. I'll state again - "Buying unseen". Are you MAD?

On Friday I saw a "Cinch" Lorry (artic) delivering cars here in North Devon. Lovely new truck, all in company livery delivering three cooking level cars. Who paid for that then. If you buy from these people you will be paying over the odds for sure.
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Fullchat
7 day money back guarantee gives a buffer and time at your leisure to give the vehicle a good coat of looking at without a Salesperson breathing down your neck which is a +.
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - MD
The overprice allows for this. Are there any proven documented results of anyone who has rejected a car?
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - bathtub tom
>> 7 day money back guarantee gives a buffer and time at your leisure to give
>> the vehicle a good coat of looking at without a Salesperson breathing down your neck
>> which is a +.

Have you read the full terms and conditions of that? I heard a case where it cost a buyer a lot of money to reject the car. Then of course, if your old car's been traded in, it will have been whipped off to auction with no chance of getting it back. How do you sort out the finances?
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Bobby
As with all retailers, I would guess its a lot cheaper to sell over the internet and offer delivery, than it is, in this case, to pay prime rent for glass palaces, free coffee, advertising equipment, staff etc etc etc
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - zippy
AIUI, CAZOO use BCA to run the logistics and valeting / prep side of the business.

At the same time BCA own CAZOO's competitor CHINCH.

Someone must think there is a market for this type of service after all so many other goods are sold via the WWW and cars are treated more and more like white goods.

It they are taking the trouble to make sure the wheels are good before delivery then that might be a good sign (or it could be BCA seeing an opportunity to earn some extra ££).

Lets hope that they fettle the mechanics of the vehicle in the same way.

Re the 7 day warranty: "10.5.1 in the past 12 months, neither You nor anyone in Your household must have claimed under the 7-Day Money Back Guarantee or any similar guarantee we provide for subscribing to a car;...."

 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Lemma
I saw a car I was interested in at a very attractive price on Cazoo. I emailed to enquire if it had a full manufacturers service history. Customer services couldn’t tell me, but if I didn’t like the car I could just send it back.

Do I really have to buy a car to check if it has a full MSH? Ridiculous hassle for me that is obviously unacceptable, and not only that big cost to them too. Perhaps my question was too difficult or unusual?
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Terry
The question over service history should have been answered. But otherwise Cazoo, Cinch and other similar businesses can offer a good deal for some:

- 7 day return (assuming this is for real)
- no hassle from pushy sales staff
- hassle free trade in (if they try to reduce the price is the deal off)
- requires no negotiating skills
- price comparison with other online supliers easy to obtain
- assuming in warranty, little, mechanical risk
- delivery

For many folk cars are simply a case of how to get from A to B reliably and cheaply. Similar sized models from different manufacturers have few differences in the real world driving experience, just the gizmos fitted.
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Update - Fullchat
The car duly arrived last Saturday as rearranged. Fine tooth comb put into action

The condition of the car at 2 1/2 tears old and 19K + miles is pristine inside and out with no evidence of remedial body work. Drives well with a nice light clutch.

The front two alloys have been refurbished to an acceptable standard.

The car comes with a goody bag of things like ice scrapers and window sponges all Cazoo branded.

Daughter is very pleased with her purchase and the goody bag :S

Meanwhile Dad has been going over the 'Admin'

The car was advertised as registered November 2018.

Online information indicated services: 16th November 2019 at 13173 miles, 4th September 2020 at 15704 miles and Cazoo has serviced it very early in April at 19517 when it was not due until September.
When I say serviced the oil looks fresh. I cant see the filter to establish if its a Kia part.

Strangely on the 20th May this year someone has MOT'd it when its first one not due until Sept. Mileage was 19527. which is 10 miles later than the advertised mileage. I cant recall the delivered mileage.

Now having the Service book to hand it seems the vehicle should have had its first service at 10.000 miles so it was 3000 over which is not insignificant particularly in the event of a Kia warranty claim particularly say on something like the engine. The stamp also indicates a Peugeot garage in Wales. The following year the same garage with a Kia stamp. A telephone call reveals they are multi franchised, have been a Kia dealership for a while and have all the correct information on computer.

The information on the website indicated that it had wheel rash to the front offside. The front nearside has also been fettled and there is a small chunk of rubber out of the wheel protection strip on the tyre. This was not indicated on the original series of photographs.

As suspected one rear tyre has an odd budget tyre fitted which has plenty of tread.

Owing to the amount of time the vehicle has been with Cazoo I have a suspicion that its been sold once and returned maybe because of the extended first service issue.

Personally I'm a little skeptical over the validity of the first service. The ladies of the house have told me to stop fretting :) and its not going back. The Kia dealership told me to ensure that future servicing is all done on time and it will be fine. Just hope we don't have to test it out.

Overall nice clean car in lovely condition.

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 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Update - bathtub tom
I rejected a couple of cars because there was no evidence of them being serviced to manufacturer's specification within the specified period.

My current car was bought at 10 months and 8K miles. I had it serviced at (just) before the first 10K mile service interval. Fortunately there were no warranty claims - damage at the main dealer was a different matter!
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Update - Fullchat
Bit of digging on DVSA website indicates that Cazoo in Bristol MOT'd the car 6 months earlier than required.
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Update - Zero
>>The car was advertised as registered November 2018.

>>Online information indicated services: 16th November 2019 at 13173 miles,

Small shopping car? 13k in one year? Hire car?

Not a problem, bought Idris a 6 month old ex hire car with 10k up, it did another 6 years of near faultless service. It was cheap tho. No fancy freebies to pay for.....
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Update - Fullchat
Probably but it is in excellent condition both inside and out. Hire cars tend to be a tad 'unloved'. Ive found the carpets can be a give away. They tend not to fit mats and there can be wear marks near the pedals particularly the clutch.
 KIA Picanto - Cazoo Purchase - Update - Netsur
I have found that many garages which wish to maintain a good reputation will do an early MoT at the point of sale to satisfy the customer that the car has no specific safety issues.

We have bought a car for our son which something similar happened. The car had been sold by the same garage a couple of years earlier (that owner came back to p/x against something newer) and its MoT was also done out of sync with its registration date.
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