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 Converting classics to electric - bathtub tom
Just seen an item on local news about a company (Lunaz) converting old, classic cars. They had an XK140 and said the cost, with complete restoration, would be around £350K. I can only weep.
A certain Mr Beckham was looking around, so I can only assume it appeals to a 'certain' sort of person.
 Converting classics to electric - Rudedog
Agree... just cant see the point and it's criminal in destroying part of the joy of owning a classic.

Old cars are currently exempt from ULEZ and congestion charging so no advantage there... I would die if I took out a flat six from an old Porsche.

 Converting classics to electric - Lygonos

Much as I love EVs, if I had a classic with a nice engine (6+ cylinders) I wouldn't be into electrifying it.

If it had a munter of an engine, like an MGB, on the other hand...
 Converting classics to electric - Manatee
>>munter of an engine, like an MGB

Those BMC engines always started. I don't think my '65 Oxford ever failed, or two ancient Minis, unlike nearly every other car I owned in the 1970's.

My son has an MX-5. I'm glad. the great days of motoring are all but over.
 Converting classics to electric - bathtub tom
>>munter of an engine, like an MGB

I had no problems with the 'B' series. A great engine, especially with a stage one camshaft. Improved torque,smoothness and economy. Unlike the 'O' series that replaced it. Low torque and all sorts of design problems. No doubt it was an improvement on paper, but in real life?
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