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 Max Mosley has Left the Circuit - Bromptonaut
Former FIA boss Max Mosley has died aged 81:
 Max Mosley - Timeonmyhands
Max has died, will they have a whip round?

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 Max Mosley - Robin O'Reliant
I like him. He took on the News of The World head on and won, something that took a lot of courage.
 Max Mosley - No FM2R
Particularly given the subject and his ancestry and thus the high risk of failure and/or embarrassment..

As you say, took them on and won. Good for him.
 Max Mosley - No FM2R
Not a gentle or easy man though...
 Max Mosley - Zero
You really have to admire anyone (specially the son of a war time notorious right wing facist) who gets caught indulging in Nazi themed S&M sex sessions with prostitues (wife and family no idea) and comes out with a financial settlement, enhanced status and family in tact.

who knows how he managed that magic trick.
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 Max Mosley has Left the Circuit - VxFan
Bernie Ecclestone always looked up to him

(just like he has to everyone else)
 Max Mosley has Left the Circuit - VxFan
Shot himself after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.
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