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 Car for The Lad - Bromptonaut
My son, 26, is looking for a car to replace his worn out Pug 107.

Wants something bigger - conventionally Astra/Focus sized. He and his partner intend to buy a house together soon and, medium term, a dog features too - possibly up to Lab size. Needs estate type layout.

Kids later.

Not got usage or overall miles to justify a diesel but longer holiday trips UK/abroad are likely. As it's not just a commuter car he's not (yet) at the point where a pure EV would fit the bill. Petrol or maybe a hybrid?

Budget up to £13k.

He's in Liverpool if it makes a difference.
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 Car for The Lad - Fullchat
Ford Focus Estate, Kia Ceed Estate, Hyundi I40 Estate.

"He's in Liverpool if it makes a difference."

Nothing with alloys then :)
 Car for The Lad - No FM2R
Christ, spending 13k on a car at 26, he's doing well. Well done him. Mind you, at that age, expensive cars were quite a long way down my priority list.

There's a lot of life to be lived and world to be seen before that.
 Car for The Lad - Bromptonaut
>> Christ, spending 13k on a car at 26.

I'd a sharp intake of breath too but the first franchised used approved car I bought was £5,500 in 1989. What's that in today's money.

Also, some of the money's coming from a trust my Mother set up for her grandchildren as IHT mitigation 20 years ago.
 Car for The Lad - sooty123
. What's that in today's money.

A smidge under 14k

 Car for The Lad - BiggerBadderDave

So my first car in '87 would be in today's money, £3,308

The folk's 3-bed bungalow bought in '66 would be in today's money, £57,153

And as I see a '79 Silver Shadow on AutoTrader with all the documentation stating it cost £32,750 would cost you £169,450 now.

And my XJS in '97 would cost me £9,306 now.

What a fun (and addictive) website. Better email my clients they won't be getting what I promised tomorrow.
 Car for The Lad - Clk Sec
>> The folk's 3-bed bungalow bought in '66 would be in today's money' £57,153

Or possibly a lot more...

Our first house bought in the 1970s and only about 5 miles away from where we are living now is worth less than 100k on that calculation. However, I know that they are currently selling for well over twice that amount.
 Car for The Lad - martin aston
Yes houses now cost a lot more. I heard a stat at the weekend that in 1970 the average house was twice the average salary and now it’s eight times the average. Low interest rates and easy loans .......what can possibly go wrong?
 Car for The Lad - Bobby
Is the Estate layout purely due to the dog? If so, plenty hatchbacks suitable for dogs.
In fact my Civic with itsmagic seats layout was absolutely fantastic for having the dog and having to have a boot full of camping gear as well.
 Car for The Lad - martin aston
Seconded the Civic suggestion. I used to regularly carry a lab in the magic seat footwell of the Civic hatch magic seats. She curled up very happily there and the step up over the sill is lower than any boot sill. Boot space is excellent too. We once filled the boot for a four person holiday and then hired an Octavia estate at the other end and the effective boot space was the same. You can even get a fair sized soft bag under the magic seat base when its in use for a passenger.

As for money over time your £5.5k in 1989 is equivalent to £14k in 2020 (Bank of England online tool).
 Car for The Lad - legacylad
Friends in the motor trade recommend the Civic.
Maybe a 2017 1.8 Tourer/estate, petrol manual, way below that budget. Blow the rest on some darned good holidays once Covid allows (NZ, motoring tours of New England, Canada, the NW States) because once kiddies come along those options are out the window for a long time.
As several of my friends found out
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