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 What's changed? - Rudedog
Noticed two things over the past two to three weeks....

Price of fuel! - it was only a few weeks ago regular petrol was £1.19 for a litre at Shell, now it's shot up to £1.26, any ideas why? (I'm using v-power at £1.31).

State of the roads - ok I know we have potholes but over the last few weeks the actual road surfaces are falling apart, big chunks missing from the centre-lines and cracks opening up across the carriageway, can it just be down to the weather? I've reported a load where I am but there's so many that the roads around me need to be re-laid rather than just patched.

 What's changed? - legacylad
I think the price of crude has increased recently....more demand for heating oil in winter, so the price goes up. Similar to price I pay for coal, which always increases in winter.

As an aside, last December in Spain with my rental diesel C3, I was paying 88cents per litre at a fuel station in Benissa. That increased to 89.7 cents the last time I filled up there...equats to 78p per litre I think at current exchange rates. Not surprising so many of my friends drive old diesels in Spain.
 What's changed? - PeterS
I’m not sure where you are, but it’s £1.22 at Shell here (or al least was on Monday) - a few pence cheaper at Sainsbury’s I expect. But the roads here have been poor for a while, and the rain has made them much worse. Too early to see the effects of the freezing and thawing, but that’ll be next I think... some do appear beyond patching, though I’m sure that’ll be what happens.

Having said that, the council have now started publishing a list of roads being closed for maintenance, so perhaps there’s also a concerted effort to do something about it?
 What's changed? - Duncan
£1.19 I think it was for 95 unleaded yesterday, in leafy Surrey.

Will tell where the cheapest is. Use the boxes to select type of fuel, radius etc.
 What's changed? - Crankcase
Or Waze shows petrol prices, so you can search and order by cheapest wherever you are.
 What's changed? - Duncan
>> Having said that, the council have now started publishing a list of roads being closed
>> for maintenance, so perhaps there’s also a concerted effort to do something about it?

Or perhaps they have money which must be spent before April?
 What's changed? - Zero
Petrol whats changed?

Everything. Biden stopped new alaskan pipeline, Biden stopped shale oil extraction, Biden stopped oil leases on gov land, demand has fallen through the floor globally, so the big producers have basically turned off the taps as there is no-where left to store it. Oh and its winter, a cold one, a demand for heating oil.

Perfick storm for petrol prices. Expect it to get worser and worser as we move towards the switch away from ICE cars. Its going to get very painful fuel wise in the last few years of switch.
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 What's changed? - zippy
Weren't there some Essex lads who "purchased" millions of gallons of oil when the prices went negative last year because there was nowhere to store it? When prices turned positive again they made a killing.

I am sure I read somewhere that they were now being sued or prosecuted because of it - i.e. too clever for the system - you must be guilty of something.
 What's changed? - legacylad
£1.199 for 99 octane Tesco Momentum in Skipton tonight. Just sat in a tent now after my Pfizer jab. Off to pub soon (aka Bar Chez LL)
 What's changed? - Bobby
Round here it has been at or around freezing pretty much since the New Year and it started off with a snowfall, then rain and then a deep freeze. I remember commenting when out dog walking that you could physically see where the tarmac on the pavements had lifted and separated from the kerbing due to the deep freeze.

Similarly, any previous repairs on the pavement and road, unlkess they were absolutely sealed, then they were lifting away as well and crumbling.

That, mixed with gritting and snow ploughs, is not good news for the surfaces!
 What's changed? - hawkeye
107.9 at Tesco Catterick in November; today it's 117.9. But that's cheap compared to Scotch Corner where the thieves want 144.0. I was wondering why the price increase; now I'm a little more enlightened.

Next week I have a 120 mile round trip to do to collect some furniture. That means the Jaguar and the trailer, and some drafting of trucks on the way down the A1.
 What's changed? - Rudedog
Just passed my local Shell and it's jumped to £1.30 for regular petrol, that's gone up over 5p from Friday!

I can't more isn't being said on the news..

 What's changed? - MD
£1.28 yesterday at a BP near me. Diesel that is...
 What's changed? - Terry
In the last three months the price of Brent Crude has increase from $48 to $60.

At one point last April the price of crude oil was actually negative - producers would (iin theory) pay you to take delivery.

No surprise that the price at the pump has increased!
 What's changed? - CGNorwich
Petrol does go al lot futher though these days. Last fill up was last week in November.
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