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 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - wotspur
I visited a client in Hammersmith today ,who said , “ oh don’t worry about parking wardens , they’re not considered as essential workers and he hadn’t seen them travelling the street since the latest lockdown . I must say I can’t recall seeing any , ii hope this is true ,
 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - John Boy
According to Facebook, they're still working in Bexhill.
 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - zippy
>> According to Facebook, they're still working in Bexhill.

They’ll be the death of that town. There are so many independent shops and cafes that thrived on the free and relatively easy on street parking there.

AIUI it’s the county and not the borough council that installed them.
 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - John Boy
My personal experience doesn't tally with yours, Zippy. When the streets were marked out in time-limited zones, with wardens checking that you didn't overstay, it worked well. When they got rid of the wardens, the streets became choked with vehicles because drivers knew they'd could park almost anywhere with impunity. I welcomed the new scheme with wardens, but I'm well aware that lots of residents didn't. I think, however, that it's early days yet.
 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - zippy
I have rarely had a problem parking when visiting, though perhaps had to do a circuit of the town centre to Wilton Rd to the east or Linden road to the west but there was always a space or two somewhere, perhaps I was lucky.

When I visited in late November / early December, I noticed there were many more spaces along Western Road, St Leonards Rd and Devonshire Road which are now metered then there were previously and cars were parked tightly, bumper to bumper where there were no meters in Wickham Av, Cooden Dv and Woodville Rd.

I am not there are frequently as you so YMMV. :-)
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 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - No FM2R
There would be no need for traffic wardens.if.peiple didn't park like t***s.

So I guess the question is whether or not people are still parking like t***s?
 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - Lygonos
Pretty sure they are a source of revenue in Edinburgh for expired parking tickets.

Very rarely see proper t**tish parking get ticketed unless by passing fuzz (eg in zigzags near a crossing)

 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - bathtub tom
They're still in my town, although they're caled CEOs (Charge Enforcement Officers).
 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - Zero
Well if the ambiwlance cant get through because of the t***ish parkers, I guess they are

 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - R.P.
They've been out booking in Denbigh. Even booking surgery staff correctly parked in a low peak car-park where they're entitled to park on permits. I'm happy to see them booking people on DYLs or SYLs - people seem to think they're ok to park on them.

 Are traffic wardens ESSENTIAL workers - DP
They're working in Manchester, and clearly myopic as well, as I received a parking fine through the post on Monday for an offence apparently committed by my vehicle in December.

The problem being the last time I was in Manchester was in 2018, I didn't own the vehicle in question then, and on the date of the offence, I was sitting in my office at home, 250 miles away in Dorset looking at the car on the drive.

And so the fun begins...
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