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 Those black dots around your windscreen - VxFan
You know how it is, you start looking for one thing (in this particular case I was looking to see whether hire cars can still be rented during lockdown) and you end up somewhere completely different.

Some of you may already know this, but if you don't know why there are black dots around your windscreen…. read on

Granted not the most interesting thing to read, but better than nothing (just)

 Those black dots around your windscreen - hawkeye
Never knew the dottage had a name. Also, among the dots around the rear view mirror is a good place to put your European Autoroute tag (or DART charge tag; remember them?) so that the barriers open by magic, and money syphons out of one's credit card. Any windscreen with athermic coating (which would block the tag signal) is said not to have the coating in the dotted area around the mirror. My ATMB tag worked well on the athermic screen of the Citroen C8 in the dotted area, but I didn't try it anywhere else.
 Those black dots around your windscreen - Dave_
>> Without this protection, the sealant would deteriorate, allowing water to creep in and damage your motor
>> — and possibly result in the windscreen becoming detached from the car!

This happened to my 1995 Toyota Carina E - at first I had a misting problem but it progressed to rain dripping on the dashboard. As it was an old shed I "fixed" it with a liberal application of gaffer tape on the outside. Each application lasted a couple of months before fraying. Didn't do the paintwork a lot of good, mind.
 Those black dots around your windscreen - Boxsterboy
Well my 2CV doesn’t have this modern ‘frit’ rubbish and the windscreen has never fallen out at high speed! Oh, hang on ... ‘high speed’ ...
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