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 Harry’s Garage - running costs - Bobby
I know there are a few on here, like me, who like Harry Metcalfe’s YouTube channel.
Here is a recap of his total running costs for his fleet for 2020.

Some really interesting thoughts and love the fact that some cars had zero costs for the year! Oh and I am not a fan of motorbikes but the 6 cylinder one at the end is a thing of beauty...
 Harry’s Garage - running costs - Duncan
Haven't seen any of those before. very interesting, I like his style, but a bit of man maths with some of the things that were/weren't included? The dampers on the Jaguar - was it? £3,000 each?

I have subscribed. What is Harry's back story?
 Harry’s Garage - running costs - Bobby
A huge back story. Think he set up Evo magazine and sold out at its peak.
Huge petrolhead, is a day to day farmer but loves his cars and bikes.

Once had a Pagani Zonda but eventually sold it due to the ridiculousness of the running costs. Not that he couldn’t afford them, just that he would get far more enjoyment out of spending that money on other cars.

His red Countach was one of the cars on the backdrop of the Top Gear studio.

Recently he has obviously realised that money can be made from his YouTube etc. I really like his videos. He is not a “what can it do around the Nurburgring”, more about the actual engineering and design of the cars.
 Harry’s Garage - running costs - Rudedog
Recently he did a couple of in-depth videos on the maths of EV's v classic cars, very good pieces that I suspect wouldn't go down well with certain lobby groups i.e. where does the electricity come from? battery usage/recycling and PCP deals on EV cars.
 Harry’s Garage - running costs - Dave_
I met Harry a couple of years ago when I had to collect one of his fleet to ship across Europe for a video shoot. He's a great, down-to-earth chap who is lucky enough to make a good living from his hobby. And he has a fantastic house.
 Harry’s Garage - running costs - DP
Big fan of the channel, and of Harry Metcalfe himself. Loved his piece on the i-Pace which was a combination of praise for the product, and frustration at the fragmented crapshoot that is the UK's public charging infrastructure.

Despite clearly being a man of considerable means, and with a car collection worth millions, he comes across as nothing more than an affable petrolhead.
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