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No idea if this link will work

Its from the The Portsmouth Road from London. The A3 road. facebook group, which is filled with maps photos and stuff from the fascinating development of the A3
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Doesn't work for me, even signed in to FB. It's a private group, so best bet is to join it.
 Ping Henry - Duncan
It works.

It's Hinchley Wood, I believe. Is it where the Shell station is now?
 Ping Henry - Duncan
Bit more?
 Ping Henry - Manatee
Yes, sorry - it's a link to the cover photo anyway as I discovered when I joined the group.
 Ping Henry - Duncan
London Gazette

(25) Esher Filling Station and E.F.S. Motor Garage,
at junction of Kingston By-Pass and Manor
Road, Claygate, Esher, Surrey, by Shell-Mex
and B.P. Limited.
 Ping Henry - henry k
My apologies for a slow response/thank you.
Yes Hinchley Wood filling station and the site is still in use.
It was rebuilt maybe 10+ years ago and then again about 3 years ago
A total blitz of the site, all tanks dug out and replaced etc.
It now has a mini Waitrose ( what else would do in Esher?) and some EV charging bays.

Birds eye view
Across the A309 are the two blocks of flats built on the pub site
The pub is famous for the RAM ( Residents Against Macdonalds ) occupation
And Gorbachev had lunch there in 1997

The cross roads are a source of accidents as red light jumping on the A309 is routine.
The slowish climb up when crossing the A309 is what saves many prangs.
Will EVs up the risk with their ability off the start.

Meanwhile a reminder.
I think this is at the cross roads looking towards Hook /London
 Ping Henry - Duncan
Ah! Yes, the McLibel case. I remember it well.
 Ping Henry - Bromptonaut
>> Ah! Yes, the McLibel case. I remember it well.

Ah! Yes, the Streisand effect.
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