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 Bangers 'N Cash - maltrap
Don't know if anyone else watches this great programme on" Yesterday"
Great cars, great stories behind the cars, and Derek Matthewson who has incredible knowledge of the cars and their value. Well worth a watch.
 Bangers 'N Cash - Duncan
Third? series.

Some men get excited by Sarah - the woman in the office.
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 Bangers 'N Cash - R.P.
I've watched a couple in the man-cave whilst on packing duties. Yes, very enjoyable.
 Bangers 'N Cash - carmalade
Great series , proper real life motoring stories . They even open the bonnet on most of the vehicles , something they don’t , or don’t know how to on Top Gear !
 Bangers 'N Cash - Falkirk Bairn
A couple of weeks ago they had the Aston Martin 40+ years old and rusty is an understatement.
The buyer paid £90K for it and was about to pay another say £350K to get the DB5 fettled.

What will it be worth in 12-18 months once all the work is done?
Roughly £350K i.e approximately £100K less than it cost to buy & refurb!

The satisfaction for the new owner is that the car is made to his specification - colour, carpets, leather, headlining. .................

 Bangers 'N Cash - MD
There were a couple of them on display at a local fete type event here in north Devon perhaps 3-4 years ago. When I were a snapper they were the dogs whatsits, but looking at them at the event and just how sparse they were and likely very uncomfortable, I was totally underwhelmed. And of course as slow as a snail compared to today's offerings..............Progress eh!
 Bangers 'N Cash - No FM2R
Classic / old cars are wonderful if you're buying them because they are pretty or because of nostalgia driven memories.

And I do both.

But purely as cars they're typically a bit crap and and there's reason so they don't make them like that anymore.
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 Bangers 'N Cash - henry k

A well used bus bought by a military preservation group who were absolutely delighted and are restoring it to once again live with a Vulcan etc.

A quote from another site

"Something rather wonderful about that Bedford Bus going back to be with a Vulcan after its scouting career, was worried it was going to get scrapped or snapped up by the banger boys."
 Bangers 'N Cash - hawkeye
>> Some men get excited by Sarah - the woman in the office.

Guilty as charged.

More excited by the Bentley Continental though. Headlights in the bonnet, just like my dear old Jaguar. No I don't need therapy for this condition; I'm dealing with it thanks.
 Bangers 'N Cash - Duncan
>> >> Some men get excited by Sarah - the woman in the office.
>> >>
>> Guilty as charged.

She - or someone claiming to be her - has started posting somewhere else. She left Mathewsons in September.
 Bangers 'N Cash - bathtub tom
I think it's becoming formulaic, but I don't know how they can spice it up. I'd love to know more about the Bond Minicar that seems to be a permanent resident in the garden.
 Bangers 'N Cash - Falkirk Bairn
>> Some men get excited by Sarah - the woman in the office.

It's amazing - a farmer retired after 60 years full-time farming - finally taking over the farm himself when the dad died. 12 hour days, 7 days a week, no time off and never got married.

1st day of retirement he switched the TV on and saw Nick Hewer introduce Countdown.

Within the first few minutes Rachel put the letters up and, in his words "I got AROUSED!"

It only lasted a few seconds however, as the 2 contestants got 8 & 9 letter words.
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