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 Cats at greater risk. - henry k
Huge rise in catalytic converter thefts
 Cats at greater risk. - zippy
When culprits, if ever caught, get a slap on the wrist.

Sorry, slaps are outlawed....

When culprits get a mild rebuke, designed so as not to hurt their feelings then this sort of thing will go on.

Make it 10 years hard labour and put more police in to fighting crime and the number of thefts will no doubt reduce.

Employ sufficient customs staff to look in to containers to stop them being exported - to remove the profit from the theft.
 Cats at greater risk. - smokie
Thankfully we will have abundance of extra money from BREXIT to pay for all these additional staff and prison places.

Won't we?


Seriously, I believe and increase in "social" problems are leading to more crime. I don't buy that it's all around e.g. benefit cuts but IMO there are lots more people who are genuinely hard up (maybe for the wrong reasons sometimes) than there used to be.
 Cats at greater risk. - Zero
My dog is really upset, she read the title and thought herds of felines were being destroyed, had to ruin her day by explaining it was car parts
 Cats at greater risk. - zippy
>> My dog is really upset...

That's wruff!
 Cats at greater risk. - bathtub tom
Local BIBs have posted 13 have gone in the last week. Particularly: Toyota Prius/Auris/Yaris, Honda Jazz, Lexus RX400 and Hyundai Tucson.
 Cats at greater risk. - Zero
Japanese Cats then.
 Cats at greater risk. - No FM2R
I am surprised that removing a cat is so easy. Presumably it's bolted on and there's not much room under a car.
 Cats at greater risk. - sherlock47
Pipework is cut with a battery powered angle grinder or saw.

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 Cats at greater risk. - No FM2R
 Cats at greater risk. - No FM2R
>>When culprits get a mild rebuke, designed so as not to hurt their feelings then this sort of thing will go on.

The scroat actually doing the nicking is impossible to stop however you treat them.

On the other hand, the company/trader buying the cats for cash is both more vulnerable and liable for significantly more punishment. They should be pursued.
 Cats at greater risk. - BiggerBadderDave
Or buy a Tesla.
 Cats at greater risk. - Duncan
Buy an older pre-cat car.
 Cats at greater risk. - hawkeye
The Police advice is obscure. Fit a cover, or put a serial number on your cat. A cover might risk the thing overheating and a serial number wouldn't be much use on something so portable. The futility of postcoding bicycles springs to mind.
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