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 Skoda Fabia - 1.2 12 valve - a gift - hawkeye
Mrs H's sister, in a welcome fit of generosity, has gifted her '06 Skoda Fabia petrol 60K miles to my youngest. At age 23 he cyces to work and has lost momentum in getting his test. We're going the 50 miles to Halifax later this week to pick it up.

So, 2 questions,
1. What is it going to be like long term do you think? Past MoT's show a consistent failure on bits of the handbrake mechanism, probably down to lack of use. I can deal with those. I think it's one of the ones with dodgy cam chain tensioner issues. Is there an easy way of checking?

2. Although the car has a current MoT, I don't know when the car was used last; what would you take in addition to the breakdown service number, a tyre inflator, a jump-start battery pack and a can of generic easy-start?

Comments welcome as always.

 Skoda Fabia - 1.2 12 valve - a gift - Lygonos
Never had any bother with modern motors having been left for a while - fuel injection and electronic ignition seem bulletproof (or not salvageable with ether spray if not working).

My X plate Forester hadn't been started for 9-10 months - 1st churn and off it ran as if it had been used the day before.

Tyres defo need checked.

Surely no harm in asking when she was last out in it?!
 Skoda Fabia - 1.2 12 valve - a gift - hawkeye
>> Surely no harm in asking when she was last out in it?!

No harm at all but more complex than you think otherwise I would have done it.S-i-L and her husband work in Shanghai and have a home in France. While she has been away the car has been used by her son (my nephew) and his wife until they got a VW Golf. Has not been possible to contact nephew and S-i-L doesn't know.
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 Skoda Fabia - 1.2 12 valve - a gift - legacylad
Friday night I’d stay at the Premier Inn and go next door to the Vue and watch Ad Astra. If you’re there earlier in the week I’d watch OUATIH. Say ‘hello’ to my pal Leon who has a studio in Piece Hall. He’s an immensely talented chap who makes/repairs bespoke jewellery. And have a curry.
Probably best having a curry after the film
As regards the car, refer to the more knowledgeable folks
 Skoda Fabia - 1.2 12 valve - a gift - Duncan
A consumer advice organisation says:-

"When asked how many faults had occurred over the past 12 months, 65% of owners had no problems to report – this is pretty typical for the age group.

The breakdown rate (4%) was also in line with other cars between three and eight years old. While the most prevalent issues reported by owners were not super serious; 6% exhaust/emission control system and 4% suspension component".

This was actually for the 2007 Fabia. I guess much of this would also apply to the 2006.

Granny always to say - "never look a gift horse in the mouth". What an irritating woman she was!
 Skoda Fabia - 1.2 12 valve - a gift - hawkeye
The car turns out to be a little cracker. Didn't need all the junk I took to make a dead car work. S-i-L took it to ASDA for some chaps to wash it, vac it out and black the tyres. It's comfortable, able to keep up with the traffic and IMO in pretty good condition for its age.

1. NSR door only opens when it feels like it. Tha car had a bump with a foreign lorry on a roundabout which resulted in some hysteria from the driver (nephew's wife) and 2 new LH doors. I can hear the mechanism clunk inside the door when it's locked and unlocked. Maybe the linkage was damaged during the accident or repair. The door card has to come off for a good dose of looking at.

2. Brake servo assistance is often missing altogether and the tickover is uneven. That's a trashed servo-to-manifold pipe. Now bodged with self-amalgamating tape and cable ties but not tested.

3. Coolant drip from NS of radiator. I'll treat it with Bars Leaks and see what happens.

4. Air con noisy and weak. It will get recharged by the local indie soon.

5. Rear parcel shelf trashed and opening cords missing. This will be ignored.

6. The dash display says "INSP". I'll interpret that when son lets me have sight of the handbook.

7. Battery weak from being stood for months when flat. It's on the battery charger and desuplhator.

It feels good to have petrol cars in the drive again.
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 Skoda Fabia - 1.2 12 valve - a gift - Bill Payer
>> 6. The dash display says "INSP". I'll interpret that when son lets me have sight
>> of the handbook.
It's asking for an Inspection service.

Don't know if VWs of that age and simplicity had the two stage warning - ours has oil change and inspection warnings come up separately. They used to do it with one or two spanners
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