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 California car rental - Netsur
Anyone recommend suitable websites for car rental in California in the summer?
 California car rental - smokie
carhire3000 and netflights have been consistently cheaper for me for US hire. You get voucher, usually for a Dollar or Alamo rental but I once had Thrifty. If you use Quidco you save a bit more with Netflights.
 California car rental - Netsur
I am using car rental insurance to avoid the CDW top up when I rent the car. Do I need an additional $1,000,000 of cover or is this provided by the rental co?
 California car rental - smokie
All the insurances you can have are included in the prices of the people above, including sli. Carhire3000 also allows free cancellations, which I've just done. (I had booked a Chrysler 300C for a one day hire pick up Key West, drop off at Orlando. All drivers and a tank of gas, all for £37. Which is about what the gas would cost anyway, so a free car for the day!! ( did the same a few years back, we got a Voyager or some other bus.
 California car rental - legacylad
Whilst in CA I have always used Enterprise. The local office close to my CA friends have always excelled themselves in getting me something larger and far more thirsty than I actually wanted. Methinks there is a reason for this.
On t'other hand, when booking car rental in conjunction with flights I have had mixed experiences. With DialAFlight I have had good experiences with Hertz, (Oct 2009 and Sept 2008) being supplied with 'factory fresh' Mustangs and very good service. I believe Hertz mainly use Fords (which is why I use them and ask for a convertible outside of winter months...doh) and have had excellent service from the rental offices.
My last experience, over New Year 2010 when I booked flights with TrailFinders was the opposite. The car hire people were a bunch of cowboys and I was told to my face that during holiday periods they overbook as a matter of course. Our 4x4 was booked in June and we should have collected at noon on the 28th Dec. We finally got a 'reasonable' vehicle at 16:50 hours on the 31st, just before they closed for New Year. Never again...all credit to TrailFinders who worked exceptionally hard to salvage our ski trip.
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