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 SafeSpeed - LINGsCARS
I wonder if anyone has had dealings with Safe Speed?

IMHO a bunch of mentally deranged single issue nutters whose day has long gone. I simply tell them: "Why not drive a bit slower, and be a bit more careful"?

Frankly, there is an element of stupidity to their arguments, which are laid out in minute detail. Since the founder died (frankly a very strange man) they have gone much quieter. I had a lot of trouble with Sape Speed, a virtually 100% white, middle-aged, male group whose commonality is to think they can drive that bit better than everyone else.

Their PR efforts seem to have dried up, now.

- Ling
 SafeSpeed - RattleandSmoke
But you have just helped them. I didn't know who they were until you made this post. You always get organisations like that.

I am personally in the middle I drive very carefully but at the same time I like to have a bit fun within the limit. Its why head gaskets don't like me much!
 SafeSpeed - Iffy
... mentally deranged single issue nutters...


Lots of those in all walks of life.

Best ignored, in my view.

They often go away in the end, as you have discovered.

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