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 Todays Drive - Zero
What a glorious day, and somewhere to go to boot, off up to pats stomping ground, deep into the heart of the fens. A train to meet at the delightfully named Fish and Duck marina.

Early start 0645am, flick wipe the dew off the windows while the BMW power plant (this work of beauty can not just be described as an engine) sparks into life and does a quick idle at its default 1,800 revs, before it dies to an imperceptibly silent 900rpm. The sun is up, the road is clear and we are away up the M25 (V busy but flowing) M11, (busy below Stanstead but thinning thereafter) A11, A14, dispatch the Turners of Soham trucks with ease up the flowing A142 & A1123 slowing through the delightful village of Wicken, and arriving here

The scene was idilic, the weather was breathtaking, the Scotsman late, the hayfever bearable.

Return home via Duxford, A505, Royston, A1 M25

More or less bang on 200 miles in 3:50 minutes for an average speed of 57mph at 32.9mpg in blissful comfort.

This is my retirement dream

 Todays Drive - Fenlander
>>>What a glorious day, and somewhere to go

Excellent. A mini version for me today too. Having done all the work on my 525 and cleaned it I did a 30ml trip to town along the country route. Nothing about and perfect conditions enabled me to push most corners just into the stability control's hands... and of course knowing all the work was done and it's staying for a while plus the sunny weather raised a perception it was going better than ever.

>>>power plant

Now I know your engine is so different to my 6cyl diesel but I've referred to ours as more of a power plant since we first had the car. It is as happy at (or below!) tickover as 4500rpm... and yes the noise rises as it revs but you couldn't easily judge engine speed from the noise as it just sort of "whooshes" at all revs. This compared to... for example... the Alfa 5cyl 2.4D that was rorty like a tuned petrol.

Ahh Fish & Duck... one of my old stomping grounds... well chug chug of a boat engine more than stomping. Of course we knew it as the old pub which I understand has gone now... and it was more often called Popes Corner after the first publican back whenever. Great boating watering hole back in the day. On an important junction too... where you can choose to head for Bedford, Cambridge or to Kings Lynn and beyond.
 Todays Drive - Zero

>> . Of course we knew it as the old pub which
>> I understand has gone now...

Yes, I seemed to recall there was a boozer there, fantastic location for one. No idea why it went but there is nothing left there to even hint at its prior existence.

Quick check reveals the bank gave way and it fell into the river after a few floods
 Todays Drive - Pat
I saw that was around locally today and half expected you to pop up saying 'make us a coffee'!

I remember when I was around 5 years old being taken to Turves to watch the Flying Scotsman go over a bridge.....would that be the same one Z?

Of course, at that age I was just bored:)

 Todays Drive - Zero
Same Scotsman? Yes, more or less with a few modifications.

I had two choices lined up today, the Duck and Fish, or Littleworth Drove at Deeping St Nicholas. i could have tried for both, but would have had 7 minutes leeway if there were no traffic issues.
 Todays Drive - Pat
I think you picked the right one, there are a lot of roadworks locally and I don't think you would have made that!

 Todays Drive - Duncan
Very enjoyable video, Zero. I did like the duck preening himself. The steam engine wasn't bad, either.
 Todays Drive - MD
Very pleasing, but tell me what sort of person gives something like that a thumb down. I noticed that there were 2. Uh!
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