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 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - Bromptonaut
OK, nipped out just before nine to pick Miss B up from work. As she gets in the car she points out that n/s dipped beam is out.

Replacing bulbs in the Xantia is a bit of a knuckle scratcher but not to difficult. So get home, don head torch, remove front cover from engine bay, wiggle off waterproof cover on lamp unit and replace bulb. Test, no change.

Extract second spare bulb and try that. Nix. Go inside and test bulbs with multimeter; both replacements pass current but original is dead. Outside again and insert known good bulb, wiggle wires, remove and replace bulb again to check connections, nothing. Retrieve handbook and retire to warmth - aha fuse F13 under bonnet controls nearside dipped beam. Wrestle off fusebox cover F13 intact but replace with known good example. No light. Experiment with F12 confirms handbook correct as it’s removal extinguishes offside. Resign self to garage bill curse again, re-assemble fuse box & light assembly and after further struggle engine bay cover.

Return indoors for beer and an offchance further study of handbook (relay fuse?). LIGHT DAWNS!! There are two H1 bulbs in Xantia headlamp assembly. Don head torch, remove front cover from engine bay, wiggle off waterproof cover on lamp unit and replace other bulb – BINGO.

And I’d checked the lights at the weekend!!
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 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - Ted
Certainly, some technology brings out the muppet in us.

On way home from Shropshire on the BMW, I stopped on a pub car park to ring home and give a progress report to the Fuhrer.
Bike wouldn't start but turned over ok. Checked fuel...OK....Checked it was getting to carbs, took plugs out, checked for spark, nothing. Took tank off and checked coil, nothing. Put everything back together, about 40 minutes wasted.
Got phone out to call recovery and looked at my helmet.........I noticed I'd hung it on the handlebars and the strap had turned off the engine cut out switch !!

Plonker rides again !

 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - Netsur
This happens so often in all walks of life. That casual action that then has us tearing our hair out as to what has gone wrong.
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - jc2
Happens to all of us-it's called getting old.Couldn't get my chainsaw to work the other day-realized several days later that I'd left the blade lock on!!
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - BiggerBadderDave
Bromptonaut, you've described almost word for word my experience last week. There are two H7s in the 406 light assembly and although they're easy to change, the outer ones are slightly hidden. I frustratingly changed the good bulb several times before booking it in for a service. Then it came to me in the night before it was due to go, that there must be two bulbs.

I detest driving around with one light out, it's scruffy and casual and don't-carish.
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - Fullchat
".........I noticed I'd hung it on the handlebars and the strap had turned off the engine cut out switch !!"

:-] :-] :-] :-]
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - henry k
Now look what you have started. The dip beam has just failed on my Mondeo.
So it will be off with the grill, fan guard and then remove the whole unit.
I guess the good news is that it failed just after returning on a night trip from Somerset.
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - PhilW
"There are two H1 bulbs in Xantia headlamp assembly"
Thanks for the tip Brompt I didn't know that either - we have a Xantia - 10 years old now and not had to replace a bulb (those damned unreliable Cit electrics!!) Previous Xantia also never had a new bulb in 100k miles either!
Guess what will happen tomorrow!!!!
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - Dieselfitter
Henry - you make it sound like a pain, but the Mondy has a pretty neat system. No tools required, no scraped knuckles, the whole unit slides out and you can change the bulb on your kitchen worktop. This is good because they only seem to fail during the winter.
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 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - henry k
>> Henry - you make it sound like a pain but the Mondy has a pretty neat system.
>> No tools required ....
I think you have a later Mondy than my MKII.

I have to prise off the plugs on the top guard, unscrew the grill and carefully unclip it which then allows access to undo two retainer ( not the adjuster ) screws and ease a third which allows me to remove the whole light unit. The whole activity is a fairly straight forward task the second time around but not a job to be undertaken on a wet windy night in the boondocks.
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - Dieselfitter
Henry - ah yes. I was describing the MkIII Mondy. It's odd how Ford have made it easy on some models (like the MkIII Mondy) and your worst nightmare on others, like the Ka.
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - crocks
Went to see a friend yesterday. As I was leaving she asked me if I could replace a headlight bulb for her. No problem thought I. She has a Ka.

Five minutes later and minus some skin the old bulb was out. All the replacement bulbs she offered were the wrong sizes so down the road to get the right one. Bulb back in and working within two minutes.

Then the fun started. No matter how I tried I couldn't get the cover back on over the bulbs. I had no tools with me or I would have taken the battery out to improve access. Finally I found an IKEA hex key that would fit the TORQ screws and took the inner wing off under the wheel arch. Then it was easy!!

Next time I'm asked I'll know what answer to give.
 Headlights Aaarrghhh!! - L'escargot
I can get my dealer to sort out any headlight problems on my car. What I can't do (but wish I could) is to get other drivers to have both headlights working and to have them properly aligned.
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