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 Hospital parking systems - henry k
Hospital parking 'unreasonably stressful', says RAC

Kingston hospital has recently introduced a new system
When you arrive ANPR sees you.
YOU need to note time of arrival.
Pay before departure. Cash unless you have found out the only CC version hidden in the main entrance. No signs saying that it exists.
Pay machines not good to operate in the dark/ rain.
Charges in big jumps not by the hour.

Ten mins walk away is Sainsburys.
ANPR on arrival.
if you need to pay then you start to input your reg and a predictive system will supply a list of reg nos to select from.
Charge calculated and pay by cash or card.
(ANPR cannot read my reg cos it sees a normal fixing screw ) :-)

Who agreed to a sub standard system and why?
I can guess.
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