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 Selling Cars and a Google Link.... - rtj70
Just got curious with a Google ad on here. It was something like or similar.

Gave all details and the car I drive which was list price more than £19k in 2007... I was offered around £7.4k. Maybe it's right I don't know. But I doubt it.

Anyway generated some ad revenue for the site at least and satisfied my curiosity.
 Selling Cars and a Google Link.... - -
I tried with the unusual ageing MB which is still a very good car, only got to question one, the year drop down list only goes back to they think we're all solicitors or doctors or have politicians expenses to live on?

Don't want to sell it to them anyway so yah boo sucks and nuurrgh.
 Selling Cars and a Google Link.... - RattleandSmoke
I am not sure exactly what model your car is (I know the make and model but not the engine or trim) but I know that kind of car has been selling with big discounts lately because it is older than the competition so that might reflect use values.

I have not mentioned your car type for obvious reasons :).

Also those sites always offer much less than it is actually worth. I would suspect the retail price would be much nearer to £10k.
 Selling Cars and a Google Link.... - rtj70
I know they offer much less and it's not even my car. My employer leases it.

It's the top spec of the previous Mazda6 diesel so apart from sat nav and heated seats there were no options. It's a Mazda6 Sport 143PS diesel, With the bonus of never worrying about oil level going down ;-)

I actually only clicked out of curiosity honest :-)
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