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 Hull to Manchester - M62 - BobbyG
Next week I may be crossing Hadrians wall and venturing down to Hull then across to Manchester at the end of a working day.
Not sure exactly where in Manchester I will be going but obvious road looks like the M62.

What is it like in rush hour, maybe leaving Hull at 5ish or am I as well to wait up till bout 7?

Also, I suppose I should ask what Hull is like for getting out of at that time?
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - RattleandSmoke
I know the route quite well (never driven it but been as a passanger plenty of times) and the problem is lorries. You get all the lorries using the M62 from the docks in Liverpool onto Manchester and beyond. I know my dad always avoids it like the plaque in rush hour. The main busy spot on this motorway is Leeds but even if you leave Hull at 5 you should miss it.
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - rtj70
The traffic at that time is likely to be going into Hull - the ships to Zeebrugge and Rotterdam leave in the evening. It then is slow getting out in the morning.

Unless there are roadwors you're probably okay heading west but if you're too early you'll end up in the traffic outside Leeds area. It can snarl up there. Leaving at 5pm might be late enough. Check out TomTom planner as it should use the IQ routes data. If I remember I'll check out my TomTom unit too.

EDIT: Next week I am probably in London unfortunately.
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 Hull to Manchester - M62 - BobbyG
Cheers Welshy, had the option of going to London as well but managed to avoid it!
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - rtj70
The stupid thing is the course I am going on is probably run two miles away. But no I have to get to London and stay over. Hotel nearest that I am allowed to use (next to the tower of London) is £120 per night at a corporate rate and then the train might be £262 for a standard return. I could walk to the nearest QA office for the training from home.
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - Subariquet
Not sure what Hull traffic is like but it's not exactly Megalopolis. M62 is indeed the way to go. You'll probably hit the traffic coming out of Leeds on the M621 heading for the civilisation of Manchester at that time but I suspect it will be not much more than 10 minutes of slow moving stuff before it picks up again.

It is a busy old stretch that and weather prone so wits about you.

If you leave Hull at 5pm you'll be in the UK's second city by 7pm.
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - Bellboy
leave hull at 5
get to manchester at 7
find everyones gone home
and its raining
have you considered somewhere nice like york?beverley,?
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - RattleandSmoke
York is pretty much not much there other than a river and some old steam trains

Manchester is where it happens :). Sadly that means still being out at 3:30am dancing to Fools Gold or Love Will Tear Us Apart with a load of sweety stu-dents but it is all fun.

There is no where I feel safer in a night out apart from central London.

But as the great Tony Wilson said "we do things differently here, if you don't like it **** ***".


 Hull to Manchester - M62 - Bellboy
so cross york the city that inspired generations after the legionnaires left and lets go to manchester home of a man that adores gladiolas as his way of interacting with his audience as he sings one song in a million different ways
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - Zero
> York is pretty much not much there other than a river and some old steam trains

rattle you are a heathen. It has the finest medieval stained glass window in Europe. The place reeks history.
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - RattleandSmoke
You should know by now my posts tend to be on the sarcastic side :).

I actually like York but it is the sort of place you go with your granny for an afternoon TV, rather like Lancaster or Durham.

I am a city boy so I am more impressesd with vast cities and how they work. It is probably due to being addicted to Sim City 2000 at around the same time Tim Burners Lee was playing around on a NEXT system making something called the world wide web.

The last time I went to York it was full of snow and I had a broken arm so the Railway Musuem is where we ended up much to delight of my female friend who was with me!

 Hull to Manchester - M62 - Ted
How do you know his name's Beverley, OG ? :-)
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - Bellboy
>> How do you know his name's Beverley OG ? :-)
>>>>>>>> because he walked a tad caster
 Hull to Manchester - M62 - rtj70
Change your posting style with quotes OG... we all know who you are now.
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