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 Foglights - Subariquet
Just wanted to be the first.

 Foglights - VxFan
As long as it's not about car mats.
 Foglights - Runfer D'Hills
Aren't wiper blades a fearsome price now ?

There, that's got that one out of the way...........
 Foglights - Old Navy
Anyone going to admit to using in car smellies?
 Foglights - Dave_
I make my own, especially the morning after a curry ;-)
 Foglights - rtj70
I used to have a Mondeo and created/fitted a bracket for sat nav on an air vent. I then hung one of those air-freshener things (febric sort that sometimes come shaped as trees) and by touching some plastic and it melted the plastic!
 Foglights - Runfer D'Hills
My car constantly smells of glue and leather. Not terribly complex reasons for that but I think I'd miss it if it wasn't there.
 Foglights - Fenlander
I always think there is a chemical in the new car small that induces withdrawal symptoms when it fades hence the need for a replacement vehicle at three years.

I've noticed my C5 is very low on new car smell... I assume they've tried to keep the evaporating plastic to a minimum??
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