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 Worst/most suitable car traded in under scrappage - Hugo
There's got to be loads out there.

My last Discovery would have been an excellent contender.

The most awful polluting, unreliable wreck just clinging onto an MOT that would qualify. These are the sort of cars that the government should have considered getting off the road.

What's the worst you know of?
 Worst/most suitable car traded in under scrappage - Bellboy
unfortunately i dont see the worst as most cars were scrapped by people with aspirations of driving a new car even if it was inferior to the car they were scrapping
maggie thatchers dreams of everyone owning their own council house still lives even if the dream turned into a nightmare for many
 Worst/most suitable car traded in under scrappage - Hugo
On the other hand, there is an old gent who lives opposite me who decided to change his old M reg Fiesta for an 06 Ka???

He had had the Fiesta since new. Had he gone for a new KA it would have probably cost him less overall. The Fiesta was pretty shot, but he really treasured it and cared for it.

Whereas there are others scrapping cars that are probably worth more than 2k.
 Worst/most suitable car traded in under scrappage - -
the most horrid car i picked up was a nail of a metro that barely ran was riddled in rust with no handbrake and clutch so worn it was unable to power itself onto the bottom deck...quite how it got through the previous mot is up for query.
 Worst/most suitable car traded in under scrappage - WellKnownSid
The wife's Daewoo Lanos was the most suitable.

Bought at 8 years old for peanuts, ran it for two years / 40,000km and serviced it once.

Then in the space of a month, the electric windows gave up, the central locking went haywire, the aircon compressor died spectacularly and the HG went.

The afternoon the HG went, I picked up a newspaper and the government had just announced the scrappage scheme here in Spain. Couldn't get to the dealers fast enough ;)
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