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 Card scams at filling stations. - henry k
There are lots of reports about this activity.

Many in my immediate area have been victims including me.
There was absolutely no doubt the source of the problem.

Unlike all the other activities and methods I have ever read about in the past our case appears to bit a little different.

The report into the situation says
" Crimunals gained access to the electronic records held at the site containing the details, including PIN of EVERY card used at the site in a week or two early last year.This represents several thousand cards.
Staff have been replaced and the IT system changed twice."

People are now much more aware of guarding / sheilding re PINs or just reverting to cash etc but this method came as a little surprise.
 Card scams at filling stations. - FotheringtonTomas

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Not strictly motoring, or for discussion in this sub-forum, but relevant to the above.

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 Card scams at filling stations. - Haywain
It is for this reason that I very rarely fill up anywhere other than at my local Sainsbury's. The staff turnover rate is very low and you get to know them.
 Card scams at filling stations. - Iffy
The assistant doesn't touch the card at most filling stations which gives some protection from double swiping.

But the mob in Henry k's post seem to have got around that.

Best to use cash for fuel, I think.

 Card scams at filling stations. - R.P.
A particular branch of a very well known DIY shop I went to recently had a security camera above the tills - it was focused (no not them !) on to the keypad on the counter - you could see it on a giant TV screen above the till next to the camera......
 Card scams at filling stations. - Iffy was focused (no not them !) on to the keypad on the counter...

A few years back, security guards at one of the chain stores were sacked for noting numbers in this way.

I think that's one of the reasons for the instruction about covering the pad with your other hand.

It's not to stop the bloke in the queue looking over your shoulder, it's to stop the bent security guard in the store's CCTV control room.

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