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 Selling car through website - FotheringtonTomas
What is the general opinion of and similar?
 Selling car through website - bathtub tom
They're there to make a profit, as much as possible.

TV advertising ain't cheap and they've got to pay to move the car from wherever they buy it to wherever they sell it. Auction at a guess, nearest to the seller.

Their only income is the difference between what they pay you and what they can flog it for.

I wouldn't be surprised if they're the same companies that buy your gold, and they've been 'outed' in recent radio and TV programs as paying as little as 10% of what you can get from a high street jeweller.
 Selling car through website - smokie
Sold deceased f-i-l car through them a year or so back. The price was lower when I got there, primarily because of the amount of filler and respray which they showed me (and which the old boy hadn't told us about!). It was a very easy transaction and suited our needs but wouldn't be right for all.
 Selling car through website - Bellboy
its owned by carcraft
 Selling car through website - tyro
Speaking of selling cars through website, I notice that this forum doesn't have a "classified" section. Any particular reason?
 Selling car through website - car4play
... because we are really lazy and haven't written that bit since we launched this site on Monday. ;-)
Keep the suggestions coming though and someone here might get around to prioritising and adding!
 Selling car through website - Buddy
there's a Cars For Sale section
 Selling car through website - tyro
That was quick!
 Selling car through website - rtj70
Less bureaucracy on this new forum than the old. Things can get done rather than waiting for a committee to decide.
 Selling car through website - car4play
I'm not even told of such things. What trust in the mods eh?
 Selling car through website - rtj70
I assume one of the mods did it then - so trust indeed.
 Selling car through website - VxFan
>> I'm not even told of such things. What trust in the mods eh?

Sorry, had a couple of spare mins lunchtime. Forgot to email everyone.

Off to the naughty step.
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 Selling car through website - Bellboy
still think traders should be able to sell their tat on it though ;-)
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