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 Selling an old Ka - hjd
We are selling my daughter's 1999 Ka. Clutch is slipping a bit; fine to drive now but will need replacing.
Should we mention the clutch in the advert and price accordingly?
 Selling an old Ka - No FM2R
I wouldn't put it in the advert because it'll stop people even coming to visit. however, I would admit it when they arrived if they were interested in buying, and may then offer a discount.
 Selling an old Ka - Zero
Its a 300 quid banger, buyer beware territory. Just stick to facts, Colour, Age, miles, MOT, tax, service history if any,

Dont dress it up, dont diss it down.
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 Selling an old Ka - Runfer D'Hills
Might be a good trick just to shove it through the auction. No comeback then and you never know, it might do alright.
 Selling an old Ka - RattleandSmoke
a 1999 Ka is worthless these days, just too old for anybody to pay more than £300 or so for. I sold a Fiesta of similar vintage, had a slipping clutch and many rust issues.

I mentioned the rusty break pipes and the chassis rot, but I didn't mention the slipping clutch. Scouser test drove it, didn't notice the clutch but he paid £250 for it, and it had a strong engine so I think he knew there would be problems.

He didn't sign the V5 (he forgot) so I had to contact him after he bought the car, he was fine with me even though by that point he must have known the clutch was shot.

Just price it low, buyer beware but personally from experience I couldn't be doing with the hassle and I would probably just stick on auction.
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