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 An unsafe load? - Iffy
Saw a VW Golf on a dual carriageway today with a washing machine in the back.

How am I so sure it was a washing machine?

Because the hatchback was wide open.

The base of the washing machine was inside the lip of the luggage area, so it didn't look in imminent danger of falling out.

Presumably, the hatch door could not be closed without the top edge of the washing machine hitting the glass.

Is it safe - or advisable - to drive at about 50mph with the hatchback open?

 An unsafe load? - RattleandSmoke
Though it was ilegal to drive with it open anyway.
 An unsafe load? - Iffy
...Though it was ilegal to drive with it open anyway...

Could be.

I don't know much about construction and use regulations.

Has DVD made the move across?

 An unsafe load? - RattleandSmoke
I have not ever read anything related to load as I don't carry any but some hatches have their reg number on the tailgate if so that is an automatic breach of the law.
 An unsafe load? - Chris White
I don't know if it's legal or not, but I seem to remember reading in my owners manual that they advise not to do it because exhaust fumes could enter the vehicle and do funny things to me.
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 An unsafe load? - Old Navy
But it beats slamming the hatch and leaving the washing machine protruding through window aperture.
 An unsafe load? - Dave_
I collected a sofa bed from about 30 miles away last year in my Escort hatch. With the seats down it went about 3/4 of the way in the back, and I tied the hatch down on top of the sofa (luckily it has a towbar to aid this) and fetched it back along A roads and a 2-junction stretch of motorway.

As long as you keep all the windows shut and the heater fan on to promote airflow from front to back there is no problem with fumes entering the car. I don't see a problem and would do it again.

(Dons tin helmet in anticipation of the flak expected if I'd posted this in any other forum)
 An unsafe load? - Bellboy
just leave your drivers window ajar and you will be ok
could you not have got the sofa bed delivered by man with van?
he has 4 kids to support you know ;-)
 An unsafe load? - Chris White
>> (Dons tin helmet in anticipation of the flak expected if I'd posted this in any
>> other forum)

No flak here, makes sense to me!
 An unsafe load? - Dave_
>> delivered by man with van?
>> he has 4 kids to support you know ;-)

Yeah, up until about 8 months ago I was Man with Van (well, 7.5 tonner), and i have 3 kids to support! Which kind of explains why I couldnt afford to get it delivered I suppose....
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 An unsafe load? - Armel Coussine
Just try to get any commercial or charity organisation to take away some part-used containers of old paint or white spirit or cleaning products. Or even the council.

Go on. Just try it.

These deadly items are now surrounded by an untidy Afro hairdo of legislation.

It amazes me that the human species has survived so long, given its wimpish stupidity.
 An unsafe load? - Dog
>>> It amazes me that the human species has survived so long, given its wimpish stupidity. <<<

Perhaps the overlords ARE really here amongst us Sire, and that war, famine, and poverty will be banished for all time ... and swine flew!
 An unsafe load? - Bellboy
... and swine flew!
>>>>>>>>>> i can now add that we were refused our christmas soujern due to the non entity of swines flueiness
wifes leave was cancelled due to the epidemic that was going to endemisise england before big ben on new years eve chimed

signed.not a happy bunny.
 An unsafe load? - Iffy
...and swine flew!...

I thought the phrase was: 'And pigs might fly'. :)
 An unsafe load? - L'escargot
>> Is it safe - or advisable - to drive ........... with the hatchback
>> open?

It might result in exhaust fumes being sucked into the cabin.
 An unsafe load? - Dwight Van Driver
Reg 100 MV (Con and Use) regs 1986

A m/vehicle at all times be such that no danger is caused or likey to be caused to any person on a road by reason of the weight, distribution, packing and adjustment of the load. The load shall be so secured by physical restraint and be in such position that neither danfer nor nuisance is likely to be caused to any person or property by reason of the load moving or falling from the vehicle.

As to the tail gate being up this will depend on factors appertaining at the time and could lead to a charge of parts and accessories in such condition as likely to cause danger vbeing considered.

Fine £2500/3 points

 An unsafe load? - FotheringtonTomas
>> Is it safe - or advisable - to drive at about 50mph with the hatchback open?

I'd do it, & have done it before. You just have to make sure that the load is secure (remember you might have to brake, as well as accelerate), that the number plate and indicators are reasonably visible, and that you don't get gasses (windows open, blower on). No problem.
 An unsafe load? - Iffy
I thought the structural integrity of the car depends on things such as the hatchback being shut and windscreen being securely glued in place.

Driving for a short distance on level/smooth ground with the hatchback open would probably not do any damage.

But anything that causes flexing of the bodyshell, such as potholes, could cause problems.

 An unsafe load? - Bellboy
that wikidpedia site has plenty to answer to hasnt it
im quite sure any modern car can be driven with a tailgate open as structural rigidity of two hinges some cabling a boot clasp and two struts is not going to make the car shape any stronger
now if you drove a modern car with bonded screen removed then yes its quite possible the shell will wobble out of shape
so if going to the local diy store chill dont worry,if loads sticks out the back stick a bright pair of some undergarments to advise following cars you have a slightly long load,make sure as dvd says nothing in the car can fall out while you drive and i can assure you the boys in blue or your insurance company will not mind you moving a lump of furniture
obviously if you decide to borrow a cash machine borrowed from one of the banks we now own having procured it via a smash and grab jcb excersise then di indeed expect a pull by the lollies............
 An unsafe load? - Armel Coussine
Quite right Bellboy. In particularly floppy cars you can hear the tailgate knocking about as the rear end flexes. It does very little for structural rigidity.

Rememberthose Franco-Belgian urban guerillas turned bank robbbers whose favourite getawaycar was a Golf GTI with a couple of chaps in the boot - just one perhaps - lid up, discouraging pursuit with a Kalashnikov?
 An unsafe load? - kb
I was, quite recently, witness to a domestic appliance, of the washing machine / tumble dryer size, being loaded from a shop in the manner described above....but the driver, having got it on board, proceeded, with some haste, to jump in to the car having not troubled to pay for it. Unfortunately for him I happen to spot him a few minutes later in traffic and followed him home where he, shortly afterwards, was unexpectedly visited and caught with the goods minus a receipt.
 An unsafe load? - R.P.
I had to carry two 1.14 meter long double glazed units in the back of the Honda to the dump. With the seats folded and the useful hinged Honda dog-guard they were about a centimetre too long for the hatch to shut - I then had to pad their ends and then gently closed the hatch and bungee it shut to the towbar mounting (thank goodness I'm a biker !) worked well enough for the six mile trip. Not happy and there was scope for a dramatic and messy "fail" but we made it. Some pleasure derived in chucking both in the skip though.
 An unsafe load? - rtj70
One had to take an old washing machine to the recycling place. A garage tidy up operation. It would fit in the Mondeo but easier to get into an estate...

Next service for the Mondeo I requested an estate and got a Mazda6... job done. And I liked the Mazda6 too. Replacement for the Mondeo was a Mazda6 ;-) Sounds like rtj70 that.

 An unsafe load? - Runfer D'Hills
Mondeo Estates are probably the most useful the world......
 An unsafe load? - rtj70
Yep... but on tidying the garage and cellar before selling the house I got a small van.... I did 11 trips. I could have got a bigger van but they don't fit under the barriers. And all recycled into the right areas of the recycling centre too. Didn't finish in the 24 hours but I did the worst of it... some wet stuff included.

Less than £40 for the day. Bargain. Hire place also had a Ferrari but that didn't go out so often.
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 An unsafe load? - R.P.
You can't get a washing machine in a Ferrari though.
 An unsafe load? - R.P.
Yes Humph !
 An unsafe load? - Iffy
...You can't get a washing machine in a Ferrari though...

Or, I think I'm right in saying, the rear wheel if you happen to have a puncture.

 An unsafe load? - R.P.
A friend had a puncture in an MX5 and the original wheel wouldn't fit in the boot !
 An unsafe load? - Iffy
...and the original wheel wouldn't fit in the boot !...

Which makes the job hard if you happen to have a passenger.

Boot lid rack?

 An unsafe load? - R.P.
She was on her own - but it was the dead of night in good clobber - before mobiles were in everybody's pocket - chuffed she wasn't. Her current 09 MX5 doesn't have a spare and the boot is usefully big as a result - it does have a very nice little Japanese made compressor....
 An unsafe load? - rtj70
To hire the Ferrari you had to insure it yourself and leave a massive deposit as well. And to hire it for something like 3 days minimum for £5000 or something silly like that. I only did it once and it was no good for washing machines or spare tyres.

Someone would have said I couldn't get a three seater sofa in a Passat Saloon... I did... in pieces mind ;-)
 An unsafe load? - R.P.
The Honda has been a remarkable load lugger if not the most space efficient. I'm on a frequent flyer programme at the local recycling place !
 An unsafe load? - rtj70
Ours records reg numbers.... I split my time between three almost equally close. Downsizing started last summer. We moved out in December. Do not store things in cellars, sheds and garages if not really wanted - a free tip for the weekend.
 An unsafe load? - crocks
When building my garage I took 10 ton of soil to the dump in a Peugeot 205.....
but it took more than one trip !
 An unsafe load? - Dog
Unsafe loads? you ain't seen nuttin ... When we drove to Tenerife via Cadiz many moons ago, I shall never forget the sight of umpteen LWB Mercedes box vans with as much gear loaded onto the roof as there was in the actual vans ... presumably they were moving to the Canaries, or they could well have been 2nd hand furniture merchants, you do see these over-loaded vehicles 'abroad' but (thankfully) not here?
 An unsafe load? - Old Navy
Mopeds in far eastern countries get my vote. Typicaly a Honda 50 with a family of 4 or 5, and the weeks shopping (at least). And probably driven on the wrong side of the road.
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 An unsafe load? - Runfer D'Hills
I've mentioned before in another place about my friend's mum's Mini van in the back of which about 12 of us nippers were regularly transported on a sheet of foam rubber. Trick was to brace yourself against the fat kid.
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