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 Insurance fronting. - henry k
I would expect most know about fronting but up to 36,000 cash-strapped parents are fiddling their car insurance by putting their sons or daughters down as a 'spouse' on their motor policy.
Basic fronting I was aware of but putting kids down as a spouse comes as a big surprise to me.

 Insurance fronting. - RattleandSmoke
I don't get it all, I have recently been temp insurance on my dads car, the first question they asked me when I wanted to be the name driver "are you going to the main driver of this vehicle during that cover". I could have lied, crashed into Wayne Roney and then got 6 points or more for insurance fruad, its not worth the scam.

Insurance is a major issue for young drivers and its getting worse but fronting is just making it worse for all of us. The problem is people like that always get away with it.
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