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I was talking to a family member, who has a Renault garage nearby. He was talking to the proprieter, an acquaintance, who says that the 2011 electric cars will have a leased battery, which may be exchanged at a garage (for a charged one), or charged at home. I wonder whether a standard for these batteries will be forthcoming, so that ones from different manufacturers will be interchangeable. I mentioned this in another place, & I'm glad that the idea seems to've been at least partly thought of by a car maker!
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Cue adverts for 'better than everyone elses' batteries with car related ads, the possibilities are endless.

Will we have the smooth shaven ultra handsome hunk in bib and tucker making all the girls swoon,

and the girl who usually makes your whites whiter than white by adding a dash of nuclear powered 'Washo' to the final rinse telling the women who must have whiter whites that they can get more power from the most powerful battery by using 'Super Charge' in the final top up cycle.

I'm cringing already.
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 Electric vehicles with leased batteries. - Old Navy
Supermarket or premium battery, and what is the best additive?
 Electric vehicles with leased batteries. - rtj70
And can and should you recycle them in those new recycling bins at supermarkets and electrical shops?
 Electric vehicles with leased batteries. - Bellboy
i had one of those electrical cars but went round the first bend and pulled my house down as i forgot to unplug the 13 amp plug
can i claim under sogat and is it worth starting a no10 petition to have them banned?
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