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 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Water in boot of a saloon - henry k
In case this helps someone.

I have been trying to trace a significant leak of water into the boot that has recently started after having owned the car for five years.
The leak was only one side apparently from or under under a light cluster.
I have had to empty a few pints out of the spacesaver wheel well more than once.
There seemed to be no consistency regarding was it while I was washing the car, heavy rain or other.

I read all the suggestions re re- sealing the gasket around the light etc. but the gasket looked good.

I think have now solved it.
There is a small strip of translucent plastic squashy tape that the bootlid buffer closes on. It is across a weld that is between the upper part of the lamp cluster and the boot apperture.
This tiny weld was not properly completed and the water was getting in through there.
A tiny amount (less than a matchstick ) of silicone along a inch of the seam seems to have solved it.

It was after I had removed the plastic strip ( rather than slicing it in two ) for access that I realised what it was for. I suspect I will not get such a spare so I will have to invent a replacement.

 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Water in boot of a saloon - Dave_
The gaskets were known to be a problem on 98/99 cars. I had a 99/T Mondeo hatch with the same problem in each rear light 12 months apart.

On yours could it be a poor accident repair from 5 or 10 years ago?

Glad you got it sorted anyhoo.
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