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 Honda Accord UK - 90 2.0 Squeaky front end. - FotheringtonTomas
What do I have to oil on the squeaky front end of the old Honda? Something to do with the suspension, by the sound. Squeaking and creaking when braking, turning, going over bumps.
 Honda Accord UK - 90 2.0 Squeaky front end. - Screwloose

There are quite a lot of places that have a small amount of relative movement when encountering sudden changes of stress. Some are suspension parts; but never rule out things like flexing engine mounts - or even pipework rubbing.

Can you reproduce this creak by pushing down on the front corners when stationary? If it's traceable to a rubber bushing etc. a squirt of WD40 can be beneficial.
 Honda Accord UK - 90 2.0 Squeaky front end. - bathtub tom
I used to keep a jamjar of old brake fluid I'd bled out just for the purpose of brushing onto sqeaky bushes. I haven't had to use any for years.

Is it not advisable nowadays?
 Honda Accord UK - 90 2.0 Squeaky front end. - Screwloose

Can't see it doing much harm - except to the paintwork. Washes off quickly though; so you are releasing brake-fluid to the environment - the Waste Nazis will have you for that.

I also hope that the contents of that jamjar are listed, in quintuplicate, fully segregated, allocated a Waste Category Identification Number and fully bunded to comply with every word of the EU Waste Directives? [All 3,000-odd pages of them.]

You aren't washing that brush under a tap - are you? Not one drop of brake fluid must ever enter a drain - or the world will end - and you are keeping the water that you used to clean that brush in a separate, marked and segregated, waste vessel - which is itself fully bunded?
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 Honda Accord UK - 90 2.0 Squeaky front end. - Robin the Technician
Screwloose- You forgot the MSDS certificate required for carrying or transporting hazardous or dangerous goods.......

It's a mad world we live in.....

The good old days of blowing out brake drums and clutch's with an airline... and washing your hands in diesel to get the muck off before eating a sandwich.........

Robin the Technician
(amazingly STILL alive)
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