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 Suzuki Alto - 10 1.0 Starting - Robin O'Reliant
I had a look at one of these the other day. Runs fine, 83k on the clock but it has a niggle. On turning the starter it dies after a second or two on the first click, but starts and runs fine on the second. It will start first crank but only with a bit of throttle.

Nowt to worry about or walk?
 Suzuki Alto - 10 1.0 Starting - Zero
Walk its possibly an oxygen sensor on its way out, blocked injectors, dicky fuel pump

 Suzuki Alto - 10 1.0 Starting - Robin O'Reliant
Cheers Z.
 Suzuki Alto - 10 1.0 Starting - carmalade
Oxygen sensor has nothing to do with starting. Possibly an idle control valve or throttle body needs a clean . Can’t see this being a big problem
 Suzuki Alto - 10 1.0 Starting - Robin O'Reliant
Well, the selling dealer never managed to sort it despite having a week to do it, so I'd think it was far from simple. As I described in my opening post, it wasn't just a case of not starting, it would run instantly on the second crank of the starter but to get it going on the first meant pressing the accelerator at least half down to make it fire. An internet search confirmed Z's opinion, plus the possibility of weak compression on one or more cylinders.

The dealer didn't quibble when I cancelled the sale today and returned my deposit there and then, so they obviously found something expensive was the cause.
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