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 Jaguar - E-Pace - a continuing saga - Falkirk Bairn
Back in Feb a son's m-i-l bought an E-pace. Coming off the transporter it was damaged - rear door, bumper (at least)

The garage closed and they heard no more. She then stupidly, unknown to my son, took the garage word that the new door & bumpers had been fitted & it was 100%.

My son had seen the car, but not up close. The "new door" was a respray in the bottom quarter of the door - not the full panel, but just the damaged areas (filled & quick spray?). The bumpers looked OK.

It's now in "to be looked at" by their body shop - she has had the car for 3/4 weeks.
My son thinks she should demand a new car or full money back.
What do you think?

This is the garage my son ordered his car from, but on insuring it, it came up as a 150BHP, having driven & ordered a 180BHP. (an £800 list price difference) He told them to stuff it and got his holding deposit back.
Originally their stance was he had to buy the car as it was registered to him. He described their attempt as deception and fraud. The deposit was returned in a week!
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