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 MoT dilemma – best option - Rudedog
I’m aware of the six month extension to my current test date but I’ve had two potential issues one of which will hopefully work itself out and one I’m going to ask you guys for advice.

First issue was with my wife’s car that has it’s MoT due this month on the 22nd, locally to me the garages are closed for testing so we have decided to allow the extension to happen, the one fly in the ointment is that her tax is due at the end of this month, I tried to renew the tax but they still have the restriction of not being able to tax your car unless your current MoT goes into the new tax period, going by the website the extensions should automatically be applied three days before your current MoT runs out, so hopefully it should be ok for me to try on the 19th to renew using the extension date, if it hasn’t worked apparently I have to email the car tax department.

My issue is slightly different, my tax is due in mid-May and I usually go to a not-so local VW dealer who offers a reduced price MoT plus their hourly rate for any work is about 2/3rds that of my other VW dealer (which is closed), I usually get ‘reminder’ emails and calls from the garage asking if I would like to book my car in a month early (which I always have).

Last night and today they have contacted me so they are obviously open for at least MoT’s, my dilemma is this, if I take them up and book my car in (would have to be on a weekend as I’m working) and for some reason they find something wrong I will feel obliged to get any work done course depending on what it is, (I don’t expect any problems as I’ve done basic maintenance on my car that only having a driveway and jack allows), hopefully they would still be able to provide a loan car and get parts easily if needed.

With the lock-down would it be acceptable to travel about 40 miles in total to visit the garage, or I should just let the automatic extension happen and get my car MoT’d asap in a few months’ time?

 MoT dilemma – best option - Zero

>> With the lock-down would it be acceptable to travel about 40 miles in total to
>> visit the garage, or I should just let the automatic extension happen and get my
>> car MoT’d asap in a few months’ time?
As the extension plan has been brought in for this specific reason, I would suggest the ole bill would think it not acceptable.

If they stop you
 MoT dilemma – best option - Rudedog
To be honest the only thing that attracts me to them are their low prices, I've had a few issue with lost wheel nut covers and broken plastic bits under the bonnet which have been over-tightened during a service... much prefer the local VW garage although I would pay full price.

They seem to ring me well after closing hours 7 to 8pm touting for business (sorry reminding me) that a service is due.. although I think it's usually the nice receptionist who gets the short straw to stay on!

 MoT dilemma – best option - wotspur
You’re lucky , my wife on 3rd March booked her car in for a service and Mot on the 26th , the garage shut down on the 23rd ,and so now is not drivable . I sorned it yesterday , but next month is her car insurance , which somehow I’ve got to find a way of paying for .
I’m self employed and 3 years ago , I had 1 good year ,and On AVERAGE , that one year , put me over the limit of getting any assistance , despite this years income before tax is 1/3 of that year ......if only I hadn’t gone a our first holiday for 3 years , and bought a 2nd hand 6k car , knowing 3 years later , there’d be a virus and the Govt wouldn’t treat us SE the same as those on PAYE .
A few weeks ago , I drove 20 miles to collect shopping cause NO local shop could do a klick and collect , so if I was you , I’d book it in and go for it
 MoT dilemma – best option - Terry
You probably won't be stopped.

If you are pulled over be pleasant to the lads in blue - they have a few options - "that's fine sir", "go home" or (probably unlikely) "where's your credit card".

OTOH - if the government have allowed extensions to MoTs etc why get it tested. If you know something serious is wrong don't drive it. If you take it for an MoT and it fails you will possibly not be allowed to drive it (insurance may be invalidated) and need to get it fixed - more of a problem in lockdown.
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