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 Renault - 20 0.9 Coolant type - Netsur
Our Captur was bought new from a Renault dealer local to my office in May 2015. It came with four years free servicing and from about seven months old was driven by a member of staff until October just gone.

It has never let us down. My son has driven it since October and whilst he is away just now I have given it a once over, cleaning it, checking fluids etc. I noticed that the coolant was low and on googling it (needless to say the instruction manual was silent as to the type of liquid required) I discovered that it is Renault Type D coolant which i think is an OAT fluid. What should i buy if i go to Halfords or similar?

I also checked the oil which looked rather black for a car regularly serviced. Think I will get an oil change done this week just to be sure. Will take the car to my local independent when it is due its next service as I reckon the free service offer meant no service offer.....
 Renault - 20 0.9 Coolant type - Zero

Assuming its a diesel, the oil will be black in a heartbeat, certainly in less than a 1000 miles, because the oil is doing its job and cleaning off and keeping the combustion products in suspension.
 Renault - 20 0.9 Coolant type - Netsur

Its a petrol, so the oil looks bit too black and possibly viscous if it was only seven months and 5,000 miles since the last oil change.

Will see if I can get sorted on Friday.
 Renault - 20 0.9 Coolant type - tyrednemotional
If you're prepared to wait a few days (supplier on holiday), then eBay will give you the official stuff:

for £14.99 delivered.
 Renault - 20 0.9 Coolant type - bathtub tom
I syphon half-a-yoghurt pot of coolant each year and put it in the freezer overnight (tell SWMBO). If it's liquid, I put it back until next year. If it's frozen I'll replace it. If it's mushy, I'll probably replace it, but considering it's -20c in the freezer, I won't be in any rush.

This is no check on the corrosion inhibitor performance.
 Renault - 20 0.9 Coolant type - Netsur
Bought a litre of OAT from Halfords and it took about 3/4 of it to get the level up to maximum. Driving to London Saturday night so will see if it looses anything.
 Renault - 20 0.9 Coolant type - Netsur
Nothing to report. Drove to and from London over the weekend (over 450 miles including some urban crawl). No nasty noises from the under the bonnet to suggest that the liquid added was not inappropriate. Not totally convinced there isn't a tiny leak but will keep checking it. The level appeared to drop a smidge between topping it up when pretty cold and one morning after the trip.
 Renault - 20 0.9 Coolant type - Dave_
The service schedule on our 2015 Captur only required the oil to be changed every other year... The first "service" was just a pollen filter and vehicle health check, from memory. Is it possible your pollen filter is only 5,000 miles old but the oil is 15,000?
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