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 Honda Civic UK - 13 1.6 Airbag Light - BB
Hello all,

2013 1.6DTEC EX. My Airbag light came on today and won't go out. The info message comes up on the main screen with the Airbag Icon and the red icon is on permanently on the dash.

It came on when I put some items on the passenger seat (Tesco!) and when I fastened my seat belt just after getting back in the car and starting it.

I've disconnected the battery for 30 mins to no avail and checked the fuse for SRS and pre-tensioners and fuses are fine.

Any other ideas?

Thanks in anticipation.
 Honda Civic UK - 13 1.6 Airbag Light - bathtub tom
I suggest you disconnect the battery and after half-an-hour or so you examine the connector plug under the passenger seat. Don't use a meter to test it electrically, unless you want to set off the pyrotechnics in the belt tensioner and airbag.
A squirt of electrical contact cleaner and making and breaking the plug may cure it.

You may then have to get the warnings extinguished.
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 Honda Civic UK - 13 1.6 Airbag Light - BB
Thanks Tom, I had a quick look under the seat, not much room with it in situ so guessing I would have to lift the seat out to get to the connectors properly. I'll have a look if I can get a workshop manual as I could see two connectors under the front edge.....
 Honda Civic UK - 13 1.6 Airbag Light - VxFan
Some cars, even after you've fixed the problem, still need to go onto a diagnostic reader to have the fault light reset. Not sure if that applies to Honda cars.
 Honda Civic UK - 13 1.6 Airbag Light - Lygonos
Presumably has nothing to do with the Takata airbag inflator recall.

iirx that doesn't set off a light - it just showers the car interior with metal shrapnel on inflation....
 Honda Civic UK - 13 1.6 Airbag Light - BB
Yeah I took it in today. I connected and disconnected the airbag sensor a few times under the passenger with someone with a HDS. It came up as an 'error on passenger airbag open' Cleaning and reconnecting and wiping the fault didn't work (4 or 5 times) It came back on after a couple of seconds.
 Honda Civic UK - 13 1.6 Airbag Light - carmalade
Would that be the passenger frontal airbag, or the passenger side , side airbag in the seat?
 Honda Civic UK - 13 1.6 Airbag Light - BB
It didn't specifically say but he did call someone who said it was the seat. It's going in for a second opinion next Monday.
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