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 Peugeot 206 CC - 07 1.6 Oil consumption - Stroudie
My daughter bought this car last September from a Citroen dealer, with 1 year G'tee.
It had ca 40k on the clock, and she has done ca 5k since.
It seems to be using a lot of oil, and the "Check level" warning is coming on again after she topped it up fairly recently.
She had three Peugeots in succession for about 10 years, a 307CC 2L petrol, a 307 hatchback 2L, and a 3008 1.6 diesel, none of which needed any oil between services.
It does not leak on to the drive.
I have advised her to top it up to Max carefully, note the mileage, check it frequently, and keep notes.
She will contact the dealer pronto, but advice about how to proceed with them would be appreciated.
 Peugeot 206 CC - 07 1.6 Oil consumption - carmalade
Sadly this is a common issue on this "prince " engine,also used by Citroen and Mini.Modified engine oil breather system can help,but often it is more serious piston bore
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