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 KIA Sedona - Dashboard electrical problems - wotspur
My wife's car, the speedometer , mileage counter and trip mileage gauge have all ceased working, the temp gauge and fuel monitor still works........any thought on how easy/costly this is to,get fixed ?
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I'd check the fuse list first, and any connectors you can get to.
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Try disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes first.It might be a software glitch and it might reset it.

If that doesn't work then i would be looking at fuses and trawling the Kia forums to see if its a common fault.

Good luck!
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Any warning lights? Have you tried reading error codes?

When the same happened to my wife's car (a FIAT), I knew right away it was the speed sensor. Cheap and easy to replace.
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Many thanks for the advice, I'll check those first, sounds like it's gonna be cheaper and easier than. Thought it would be ......phew
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All those functions are controlled by the gearbox speed sensor.Could be this at fault or a wiring issue,or the speedo unit itself.
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