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 Toyota Aygo - 09 1.0 Keys / Immobiliser - Bobby
Daughters car has two keys - one a remote control key and the other basic key.

The basic key will open the doors, and turn in the ignition, but car wont start. So I am guessing there is some sort of immobiliser in the basic key or not working or whatever?
I opened the key up and there seems to be a little black thing which I am guessing may well the the chip?
I have even tried starting it with the basic key but also holding the remote key to see if it picked up the chip but that didnt work!

Any ideas, should the spare key start it?
 Toyota Aygo - 09 1.0 Keys / Immobiliser - VxFan
Does it just need resynchronising to the vehicle?

Anything in the handbook about it?

Also found this via a quick Google.
 Toyota Aygo - 09 1.0 Keys / Immobiliser - carmalade
I would guess whoever had the car previously had a second key cut but not programmed to the car immobiliser system.You can't do this yourself.It has to be programmed via the diagnostic port.
 Toyota Aygo - 09 1.0 Keys / Immobiliser - Bobby
Previous, and original owner, was my sister so she has never had new keys cut etc
 Toyota Aygo - 09 1.0 Keys / Immobiliser - Bobby
I had seen that re the re-programming and thought it might be a bit of a wind up? Can just see me sitting in the driveway opening and closing doors like an eejit !

All that's missing is the hokey-cokey!
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