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 Vauxhall - 2013 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - zippy
My company car has leaked oil on a friend's expensive block paved drive.

What's the best way to remove the oil stain? If it is not removable is this the sort of thing that insurance will cover?
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 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - Bromptonaut
The stains left by oil from my old Pug 205D and also the significant quantity of LHM (mineral oil based hydraulic fluid) the Xantia once dumped on drive both weathered off in weeks.

Otherwise detergent and copious water or some proprietary product. But then you'll have another problem - the cleaned area will stick out like a sore thumb.
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 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - Dog
Pour a 2 litre bottle of Coca Cola on it (diet, so the sugar won't attract any critters) and let it sit overnight.
Wash away next day. The phosphoric acid in the coke will break down the oil.
 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - bathtub tom
If the oil's only recently been dropped, I've had success with soaking the area with washing-up liquid and leaving it for a day or two to soak in and then using a pressure washer.
The problem with that is this weather's likely to flush away the washing-up liquid before it's had a chance to soak into the blocks.

I've also turned blocks over!
 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - zippy
Day 4 at the dealership and it still isn't on the ramp!
 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - VxFan
Probably busy dealing with all the Zafira recalls ;)
 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - NortonES2
Having had a few bikes, I used Gunk degreaser which is still available. I see it contains hydrocarbons so might not be good for watercourses:( Didn't know back then.
 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - zippy
After a week at the dealership the Mokka is fixed.

The seal between the engine and gearbox failed. Oil also damaged the clutch which had to be replaced.

The bill..........

Approximately £2500 plus VAT!!!!!

Vauxhall are contributing 70% leaving the lease co a bill of approximately £750 plus VAT!

The car is 40 months old with 79,000 miles on the clock.

All I can say is "ouch"!!!
 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - Duncan
>> Vauxhall are contributing 70% leaving the lease co a bill of approximately £750 plus VAT!

Were they lucky to get that contribution on a three year and four months old car?

Out of warranty, surely?
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 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - zippy
Yes but surely one doesn't expect such a big bill on a well maintained car due to a seal failing!

 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - VxFan
>> Vauxhall are contributing 70%

Similar happened to my Vectra-C when the camchain tensioner failed. I reported an intermittent rattling upon cold start up while it was just still in the 3 yr warranty. Of course it never did it at the dealership when they had it in for investigation. Then another year later the tensioner failed completely leaving the chain rattling permanently.

Vauxhall initially only wanted the dealer to change the failed tensioner. Vauxhall generally only give the 70% goodwill gesture for anything costing over £500 to repair.

As a replacement tensioner was something like £130 and another £30 to fit, it looked like I was footing the whole bill.

But give the dealership their due, they put a good case to Vauxhall that they couldn't guarantee that the chain, guides, and gears weren't also worn because of the loose tensioner and it would be false economy not to replace the whole lot. Also the car had a full service history with them, and previous mention of the chain rattling.

In the end Vauxhall relented and allowed the dealership to fit a brand new camchain kit at a cost of nearly £600, which meant I got the 70% goodwill gesture.

So in all I only had to pay approx. £160. In short, I got a complete new camchain kit fitted for the price of what it would have cost me to only have the tensioner replaced.

Sometimes continuing to use a main dealer for servicing instead of a backstreet garage pays off.
 Vauxhall - 20 1.7 Oil leak Mokka - Shiny
Sprinkle biological washing powder over the spill until completly covered like snow and then leave for enzymes to digest the oil.
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