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I hope I have posted correctly here.

Anyway, I want to change all of my cars bulbs to LED equivalents for a number of reasons, such as they last a hell of a lot longer, and they don't brown over, get hot and then eventually blow.

Now I have been able to do this on ALL of my other cars, but this CAN system is new to me. I have read this interesting thread here and tried to follow it as best as I could.

I know for example from a friend of mine that wanted to change hie day running lights on his VW van that he encountered this issue as the vans CAN system said !I don't like these lights so I'm throwing up an amber light on the dash just to pee you off"

However he was able to have the tick box de-selected in the software after visiting a dealer and them plugging in the diagnostic thing.

I have been told however that the Fiat Abarth won't let you do this?

I understand the reasons behind this system, but, I feel that it should be left to ME to check my bulbs and do whatever I want with them within reason.

What I want to change is the rear Side light, Stop light, Reversing light and Indicators. At the front I want to change the Side light, Indicators and Daylight running lights. NOT the Main or Dipped beams or Fog lights.

So can I in effect change these without damaging anything as such because all the system is going to report is a difference in what's being used?

And if necessary tape over the light on the dash if it can't be turned off.

The other systems on the vehicle have their own separate warning lights for Battery, ABS, Air bag, Heat, Oil etc etc etc.

I appreciate all and any thoughts on this folks

Thank you.
 Abarth 500 - 14 1.4 Canbus / Light warning system - VxFan
Canbus systems and LEDs can be funny things. Either the LEDs (with cancellers to stop bulb failure warnings) will work fine, or they'll still report bulb failure messages.

You might even experience LED flicker when the system checks for bulb failure. Now this might occur all the time, or only when the bulbs are switched off, or when you unlock or lock the doors.

As for taping over the warning bulb on the dash, unless you have an incredibly thick MOT tester, he'll spot it and subsequently your car will fail the MOT because you have a fault warning light displayed.

The only thing to do is to fit the LEDs and see what happens.

ps, and btw, some LEDs do get hot, or more precisely the load resistors get hot. Hot enough to melt the bulb holders and in some cases the reflective lenses. You pays your money and takes your chance. Some LEDs for vehicles are better than others.
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 Abarth 500 - 14 1.4 Canbus / Light warning system - Zero
you can buy LED bulbs with CANBUS balasts in, The CanBus just sees normal lamps.
 Abarth 500 - 14 1.4 Canbus / Light warning system - VxFan
And yet certain cars with canbus systems still don't like them.
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