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 Ford Fiesta - 12 1.4 Bluetooth problem - IJWS14
SWMBO left the sidelights on and ran the battery down. RAC came out and got it going but said she might need to re-input the radio code.

Sony Radio

Radio did not need code however Bluetooth not working and USB input not working.

Search led to disconnection and re-connection of battery and lo the Bluetooth worked - once, not anymore. Tried disconnection again and still not working.#

The phone now sees "ford audio" but the car won't show a code to input to the phone . . . .

Tried Bluetooth off and on.

How do I get this working again?

USB is now fine - first disconnection sorted that out.
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 Ford Fiesta - 12 1400 Bluetooth problem - carmalade
Have you tried deleting any b/tooth devices from the phone and start from fresh?
 Ford Fiesta - 12 1400 Bluetooth problem - IJWS14
SWMBO sorted it, put a random number into the phone and the car then produces a code.

On inputting that code they connect but not fully - needs manually connecting each time, then found the authorise menu in the phone and working properly now.
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