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 Volkswagen Golf IV - 03 1.6 Creaking Suspension. - maltrap
The suspension on my golf has started creaking. I think it,s the front but wouldn,t swear to it. The cars done 45K so i don,t think anything is worn out I,m thinking about spraying anti roll bar rubber bushes and other bushes with either silicone spray or WD 40. Does anyone think this is a good/bad idea, which one would be the best to use?
Thanks in anticipation.
 Volkswagen Golf IV - 03 1.6 Creaking Suspension. - RattleandSmoke
It depends what is causing the creaking. I would get the cause checked out before you try and hide the problem.
 Volkswagen Golf IV - 03 1.6 Creaking Suspension. - L'escargot
Make sure that the rubber parts are chemically compatible with whatever you spray on them.
 Volkswagen Golf IV - 03 1.6 Creaking Suspension. - -
Rattie's on the right track here, find out exactly what's creaking and soon as.

It might only be a rubber bush but it might be a seizing ball joint or broken spring, if it's only a rubber bush rubbing then Waxoyl is excellent for quietening down such things as well as it's main properties, it won't affect anything underneath except brake friction surfaces...which it may lubricate too well..;)
 Volkswagen Golf IV - 03 1.6 Creaking Suspension. - DP
Golf IV's are notorious for breaking springs, and they often go right in the seat cup, so you can't really see it without getting the car on a ramp.

I bought mine with a broken rear spring, and didn't even notice until my friendly mechanic pointed it out. Sat level, rode OK, the odd little creak noticeable mostly when I got in and out. When he removed the spring, it came out in three pieces.

They're not expensive (£30 ish), and the rears are a <10 minute job by someone who knows what they are doing. Fronts are a little more involved, but again pretty routine for an experienced mechanic.
 Volkswagen Golf IV - 03 1.6 Creaking Suspension. - Skoda
Maltrap, if it's almost as if it's coming through the drivers seat -- and that's why it's hard to tell front or back -- it could be the rear axle mount bushes which are just below the rear seats.

They're easily accessed with the car on the ground, just lay down next to the car and you can easily get a pry bar in to those to check for play.
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