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 Mazda Mazda 2 - 07 1.4 Faulty electric window - Auristocrat
Our Mazda 2 has developed a fault with the electric window on the front passenger door. When the window is wound down, in the last couple of inches of travel, the front of the glass dips down slightly and therear edge of the glass moves forward and out of the door channel by about 7-8mm.
I'm thinking that there is a fault with the winder mechanicsm - i.e. where the glass is held.
Presume as the car was built by Ford on the Fiesta/Fusin production line, the window winding mechanicsms are Ford
 Mazda Mazda 2 - 07 1.4 Faulty electric window - Collos
It it still under warranty if not it cannot be far out try for a good will help from the agents.If not its a matter of stripping the door down and finding the fault horrible job.
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