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 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - R.P.
Just bought a new batter for the "beast" is it best to keep this in the house (unconnected) until I'm ready to fire the bike up - I can't connect an Optimiser for it as they are both on other bikes
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - FotheringtonTomas
Don't think it matters much, unless you're going to leave it a long time. You could give it a short charge once every Friday fortnight if it is going to be a long time, or swap an "Optimiser" over every so often.
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - -

>> could give it a short charge once every Friday fortnight if it is going to
>> be a long time or swap an "Optimiser" over every so often.

Is there some significance to Fridays in the FT home FT?

I'd be inclined to keep it charged occassionally too...would the panel think it prudent to connect a bulb or something to the battery to 'exercise' it a bit and partly discharge it before optimising....optimising..hmm thats a good word and i must try and slip it in at the next onion meeting, incidentally held on a Friday too...PING...possible left wing tendencies then FT?

 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - Dave_
>> is it best to keep this in the house

Would it not emit flammable gases? I think I'd keep a wet cell battery in the garage / shed / coal bunker just to be safe.
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - R.P.
Keep it warm - house is insured anyways
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - Robin the Technician
Having had a Suzi GP100 in storage for more time that I care to remember, I used to keep my battery in a warm dry place. I charged it up once a month - and (a tip from a battery expert i used to work with) tap the base of the battery with a rubber mallet. Apparently this prevents the calcium build up which evenually shorts the plates out. My 1978 Suzi still had a fully fuctioning battery after 20 years!!!

Hope this helps

Robin the Technician
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - Hugo
I wonder if that would work for batteries that have been stood idle a long time and hence won't hold their charge.
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - R.P.
Well the battery was fitted today and worked after an hour's top up from an Optimate 4 - seems ok.
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - R.P.
My VFR was on an optimate since October - went to it key turned, everything lit up, press button and fired up. Lot to be said for modern bikes..
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - MD
>>Lot to be said for modern bikes..
Nuffin wrong wiv a Triumph Tiger cub, head skimmed, clip on 'andlebonks and cross ply's and.......Andrex. Get a life man!!

 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - R.P.
Get a Life.

Got one and want to keep it ! (Radial tyres, power brakes, ABS, ASC etc etc.)
 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - Pat
Mr pda went out to the garage yesterday to put the GSX1400 on charge ready for work this morning as it hadn't been started since early Decenber, and it started straight away:)

That means I get my wheels back again!

 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - Iffy

My, that's a big one.

To be serious, the Japanese stuff does take some beating for reliability.

I was involved in moving an old Nissan Micra to the scrapyard.

It had been left to rot for at least two years, probably longer.

It did need a jump, but fired up sweet as a nut on the first turn of the key.

 Honda - 650 - Battery Question - -

>> It had been left to rot for at least two years probably longer.

Good little car those first 2 Micra's.

Going back a long time here, spotted the roof a Rover 90 in the middle of a whole load of undergrowth in a field when i was a mere boy and into banger racing...turned out to be sitting on a trailer whose tyres were flat and persihed over many years so i'd estimate 6 or more years standing.
Got some wheels for the trailer and bought the complete lot for about £20 IIRC.

Well i put a drop of petrol in it (pipe via a can i seem to recall, wouldn't be using the fuel tank anyway) and connected the jump leads up...first touch of the key she fired and purred and was used for a season.
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