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 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - henry k
When I select D it does not drive. When I put my foot on the gas that just increases the revs.
I can start off in 2 and once rolling select D and all all seems OK from then onwards.

The problem started yesterday but I managed 300 miles mostly motorway driving plus 30 mins + stop start in an M25 closure.
Also the mileage clicked over 130K miles yesterday.

Any ideas?
( from what I recall this gearbox is rated poorly and some only get 80K before it fails)
 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - Number_Cruncher
I don't know the gearbox in detail, but that sounds like the one way (overrun) clutch in the gearbox has failed and is slipping, and by selecting 2, you lock it out.

But, first things first - is the oil level correct?, and what does the oil look like?

 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - Bigtee
Lots of auto gearbox's seem to be longlife in other words the oil won't need changing owners are told, however it appears a simple oil change and new filter clears some 90% of problems, so use fords on oil or equivilenmt brand.

Mercedes have this problem with lots of mercs are auto's.
 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - henry k
I will try to check the gearbox oil level tomorrow.
I have RTFM and I must admit to not checking it.
It states - warm up the oil with a ten mile drive. I assume it is OK to drive it as it is ?

Haynes also lists how to change the oil but looking at youtube it seems to say that draining only gets half the old stuff out and flushing is THE thing to do.

An example of a fairly detailed video but seems a little bit hairy when done one handed plus not many have an airline to use or a long funnel.
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 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - Number_Cruncher
I shouldn't worry too much about changing the oil - as long as there's plenty there to apply the bands and/or clutches is the main thing.
 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - Dave_
I concur - top it up to the "max" level as a starting point.
 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - Bigtee
You can take a pipe off to oil cooler to drain some oil off if you like, the better type had a drain plug on t/c but you don't seem to find these anymore.
 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - henry k
Having spoken to an auto gearbox specialist I have placed the Mondeo in their hands.
They are hopeful that they can repair it (a drum/ band has gone ?) else a replacement box.

I am in the familiar situation.
The car is worth little as it is but I have kept most of the mechanicals etc in good shape.
Engine seems fine, uses no oil and leaves none, cam belt, disk/pads, Cat, tyres, battery, A/C compressor all recently sorted/ replaced.
The repair may be about what the fixed car is worth ? but I know the car.
Alternative is to start research / urgent search with no other vehicle in the family etc ( I need transport for a non driver SWMBO ) and I have too many other things happening at the moment to spend time hunting cars. This Mondeo took months to find and was 100 mile train trip to collect it.
I am fortunate that I can write the cheque for £600+
I will report back with the final outcome.
 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - Zero
The car owes you nothing. Its worth about 6-800 quid. So in effect this is what you would have to pay to keep you mobile either way.
 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - henry k
Zero I totally agree with you.
They have repaired the autobox and I collect it early in the morning.
Hopefully it will last until the Mondeo comes to its end of life.
 Ford Mondeo II - 98 2.0 Auto gearbox - henry k
Now back on the road and running well.
One part alone that was required was £320 (the cost, to their surprise, was up from £180 the last time they need one)
Fortunately a repair rather than a new box was possible.
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